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Hockey will have its answer to "The Longest Yard."

For the January 30th ECHL contest between the Las Vegas Wranglers and the Bakersfield Condors in Sin City, the marketing wizards of the Wranglers wanted to come up with something special.

How can you not be excited for "Rod Blagojevich Prison Uniform Night?"

You heard it right.


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It's easy to recognize and commend the good but what about the bad and just plain ugly. From brawls to scantily clad nannies and sex scandals to tearful confessions and cons, there were some oh so forgettable 2008 sports moments that made your skin crawl and scream out random things that border idiotic, like Sarah Palin


8.) WNBA Shock Sparks Brawl

Not to be outdone by their male counterparts,the Detroit Shock and Los Angeles Spark ensued the first ever cat fight in WNBA during a game at the Palace on July 23rd that left WNBA fans enraged, male viewers cheering and two players suspended. Already a heated rivalry between the two squads, the ongoing tension that night from an earlier play involving LA Sparks franchise player and media darling, Candice Parker and veteran forward, Cheryl Ford, fueled the fight between Parker and Detroit Shock forward, Pienette Pierson who got tangled up tussling for the ball after a missed shot by Pierson. Of course, with teammates coming to each others aid, things got even more ugly after an "accidental" push of Lisa Leslie by Detroit assistant coach, Rick Mahorn resulted in a retaliation from Sparks forward, Delisha Milton-Jones. Detroit's Pierson and Mahorn were suspended for four and two games respectively while Kara Braxton, Tasha Humphrey, Elaine Powell and Sheri Sam (also from Detroit), along with Los Angeles' Leslie, Candace Parker and DeLisha Milton-Jones all got a one game suspension. Although this incident is prime example unsportman-like conduct and is very unladylike, I must admit this "catfight" certainly breathed life into a genre that has very selective few fans.

7.)U.S. Relay Teams Drop The Baton

The Olympics held so many shining moments for the stars and stripes but the embarrassing mishaps of the gold contending (perhaps second to the Jamaican relay team) U.S. men's relay team certainly wasn't one of them. Failing to qualify for the FINALS for the first time since 1988 after a misconnect between Darvis Patton and Tyson Gay on a final pass, left the Americans watching from the sidelines as the Jamaican relay team smoked its competition by a world record setting time of 37.10 seconds. To make matters even worse, the U.S. Women's relay team suffered the same fate and failed to qualify for the finals as for the first time since 1948!

6.)Kimbo Slice Exposed As Farce

Like Mulder from the X-Files we want to believe in the greatest American hero, that wayward underdog, that rises against all odds to realize the American dream. This is especially true in sports, so when word spread like wildfire about back alley brawler putting men down with one punch on Youtube, MMA fans had someone to believe in and the networks had a new poster child to exploit. Kimbo Slice's journey as a street fighter to ESPN cover story was truly nothing but a testament to how the wheels of the capitalist cash machine turn. After losing washed up fighter Ken Shamrock to an eye injury and CBS color commentator, Frank Shamrock (Ken's brother) to disqualification due to a broken arm, the Elite XC finally found a "suitable" replacement in Fort Myers native, Petruzelli, an average mixed martial artist all of 205 lbs and a 2-2 win-loss record since 2004 Kimbo was "sure" to beat. Only the surefire win backfired in a 14 second KO Ryu style! Haduken!
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5.)From America's Sweetheart to Jailbird

Only a short four years ago, track star Marion Jones was America's sweetheart and three time Olympic gold medalist. She was the epitome of the female athlete: charming, strong yet humble gracing the covers of Vogue and Sports Illustrated within in the course of a year. What a difference a year can make, now the biggest athlete to fall victim to Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative scandal, Jones is flat broke and faces jail time after admitting to steroid use before her 2000 Sydney Olympic run up until after the 2004 Athens Olympics. Jones vehemently denied use of any performance drugs for years after she initially fell under suspicion but finally came clean in a well put together confession of lying and cheating that later broke down into a tearful apology worthy of an Oscar.


Our friend Mike Florio has been all over this Plaxico Burress story with the legal ramifications so I suggest you check out for those details. Now I am not a lawyer but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night and I know that Plax is in some deep sh*t. We now have some more details of exactly happened Friday night here is an in detailed report from the

New York Post:

Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress caught a bullet in his leg while fumbling with a gun in the vestibule of a Manhattan nightclub early today, sources said.
The trouble-plagued NFL star blasted himself through his right thigh just after midnight near the VIP entrance to the LQ nightclub on Lexington Avenue and had to be hospitalized, sources said.

Burress, 31, was allegedly inside the hot spot with teammate Antonio Pierce when they were confronted by security guards looking for weapons, sources said.

The Super Bowl hero, who nabbed the game-winning catch in the Giants' monumental win over the Patriots in February, admitted to the guards that he was packing heat, sources said.

After moving to a secluded area with a guard, he allegedly took the gun out and started to unload the bullets while drinking a glass of wine.

But the sure-handed wideout began to bobble the firearm, accidentally firing a shot that ripped through his leg but missed the bone.

It was not clear what kind of pistol Burress shot himself with or where he got it. He has an expired license to carry a gun in Florida, which would not have allowed him to have one in New York.

The NYPD, along with local police, arrived at Burress' sprawling Totowa, NJ, home at around 4:30 p.m. today.

But wife Tiffany responded through the intercom that "we've been through a lot," and said "you can't talk to my husband."

She then told the officers she needed to get dressed and asked them to wait. After more than 30 minutes, the cops left. They returned shortly before 8 p.m. but there was no answer.

I spoke to the brother of a prominent player on the New York Giants and I asked him what was the reaction of team here was his response:

candace parker.jpg

1) Candace Parker won both the MVP and Rookie of the Year honors, which is a first for the WNBA. Sadly? It may be the last. The WNBA is officially on the clock.


2) Former college legend Lawrence Phillips was sentenced to 10 years for a myriad of offenses that have plagued him during his career....Im sorry, life. He really has no career (in the true sense of the word) to speak of besides his CFL hardware and speeding up the process of Steve Young's retirement when he was a 49er.

Del Biaggio.jpgRecently, there was an article in The (Nashville) Tennnessean newspaper detailing the financial troubles of William J. "Boots" Del Biaggio. Del Biaggio is a part-owner of the NHL's Nashville Predators and was one of the key investors who helped keep the franchise from relocating.

Recently Del Biaggio has been investigated by federal officials for defrauding investors out of almost $35 million. He has now, reportedly, filed for bankruptcy. Since the news broke, it has also been discovered that Del Biaggio had secret plans to line up investors and move the team in the event that the Predators folded in Nashville. It's been no secret that Del Biaggio has wanted to move a team to Kansas City for some time. Yet the NHL allowed him to buy into the struggling Predators franchise with little more than a cursory background check. Somehow the financial misdeeds and intentions of Del Biaggio slipped past everybody. Or maybe the NHL chose to ignore it since they know that it's just a matter of time before hockey skates away from Music City.

Either way, this is a bad deal for fans and it's just another example of how some owners could care less about anything except their own bottom line. Just like the situation with the Seattle Supersonics, these sports leagues know exactly who they are dealing with and they do nothing to stop these teams from moving or insure their survival in their existing cities.

These leagues need to stop playing Charlie Brown with the fans' emotions and start showing a real committment before people stop paying to watch their product.


Give me control of the NHL and I guarantee you within six months it will be the 2nd highest rated sport behind the NFL. There is nothing better than playoff hockey and when you add in an elimination game for the Stanley Cup and three overtimes you get the best game of the year period in any sport. Yes better than the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals or Indy or Daytona 500. You didn't have to be a hockey fan to enjoy what happened last night. A lady friend who I had over (what can I say I am Bona Fide and no it wasn't Amber Fox) who I am confident has never ever seen a hockey game in her life was totally enthralled with the drama of Game 5. When I say enthralled I mean every time there was a shot on goal she jumped off the couch.

The game was magnificent I can not tell you how impressed I was with Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury who stopped 55 out of 58 shots many in spectacular fashion. How about Petr Sykora calling his shot a la Babe Ruth for the winning OT goal. Just a great night for hockey and hopefully the night that turns around the league. I know I will be tuned in for Game 6 will you?

Gary Bettman Get a Clue

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The NHL Commisioner Gary Bettman, you know the best Commisioner in sports, wonders why his sport is suffering and doesn't seem to attract new fans. Well this latest scheduling debacle is just one of the reasons why the fans have been begging for his dismissal for years.

The NHL got what it desperately needed in Sidney Crosby's PIttsburgh Penguins facing-off against the Detroit Red Wings with everything on the line. This means, the league who's struggling with marketing, will get it's best player in Sidney Crosby playing against it's best team in the Red Wings. Perfect situation for Bettman. Right?

Inexplicably it was four days ago since the last NHL game was played. The Red Wings ousted the Dallas Stars Monday. Having a four day gap in between games kills the momentum and almost gurantees the loss of any potential new fans. Those fans that might have gained a little interest in the Pens after how well they played in dismantling the Flyers are gone now. Those few "Deeeeeee-Troit Basketballlllll" fans that you might have stolen from the Pistons, while they were played a boring semi-finals series against Orlando, have now forgotten that the NHL is still playing.

Written By Adam Thomason


News Flash!!! News Flash!!! The NHL Playoffs have started!!!

What? You didn't know? You should be ashamed of yourself. There is nothing more exciting than NHL playoff hockey. Just because it is on channel 9202 on sports tier 7 gives you no excuse not to know it is going on. I know you haven't watched a game all year and you probably think Wayne Gretzky is still playing. But I am implore you to take time out of your busy weekend schedule to sit down and watch at least one game (and make sure it is in HD). You might like what you see.

Written By Robert Littal


Circus Shots, Rivalry's, Football Players 'Ikein' out... It has been a relatively busy Saturday. Have a seat as I take a look at these events.

Yes, we touch on the big 4 Pro Sports (Who would have thought that BSO would cover Hockey...Yeah) ,College BBall (both Male and Female) , and some other things you may or may not care about. Without probable cause, ( Yes I'm listening to Luxury Tax as I write this), proceed to read the wrap-up.

UCLA's Circus Shot

Oh boy! Let UNC Asheville try the same stunt and see how quickly the ball would have been called out of bounds. Great programs get "great calls," and also let us not forget that this is Pac-10 officiating here, so its all out of bounds.

Sorry Duke Fans

You and your streaky team was handled by your 8-mile rivals. Expect the same thing to happen in the ACC tournament and don't be surprised if a 7-seed makes Coach K's neck explode once again. PS... the lady devils couldn't do it either in the ACC Tournament.


Look I don't know if Hockey players need to wear scarves, chokers, Erkel button ups or whatever but they need to do something. Because what is going to happen is someone is going to die on the ice. Richard Zednik was lucky. The next player might not be as lucky. Do something NHL.

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