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Before you read my final thoughts about Kobe Bryant to truly understand what I think we have to go back in time. To see the true evolution of Kobe through my eyes via snippets of my most famous Kobe Bryant articles.

aamir, lewis,hedo.jpg

Finally, some drama. Thankfully, we are not sitting here today talking about a Laker squad that has escaped two games and is in complete control of the NBA Finals with a 3-0 lead. Finally, our eyes can rest from all the Kobe Bryant articles and how bad he wants his 4th NBA Championship. Finally, we can talk about NBA players other than #24 and his Olympic teammate, Dwight Howard.

Finally, Stan Van Gundy realized that sticking to what already worked through 3 rounds is probably the better move, rather than throwing in a player who hasn't played in four months, because he wants to play. Finally, we have Orlando guards playing in the NBA Finals.

Finally, we can talk basketball.

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Orlando Magic. In losing the elimination game, Lebron James raced off the court, showered, and got on his team bus to go home.

lebron locker room pout.jpg

Lebron James has been hammered by the fans and media for refusing to shake hands with the Orlando Magic players and for skipping the mandatory press conference. Since James is a superstar, most people feel it is important that he abide by the common rules and customs of the league. Many feel that Lebron has an obligation to set a good example for young basketball fans and players, and that Lebron's unsportsmanlike behavior and childlike antics are unacceptable.

While many have criticized Lebron for his actions, few have had the courage to address why Lebron acted this way. Most just assume that he was being a sore loser and did not want to talk to anyone because he lost an important game. In other words, Lebron was being a poor sport.


If you are the Orlando Magic the one thing you can not do is panic. Yes you were embarrassed last night, but losing game one doesn't mean you have lost the series (actually if you are playing against a Phil Jackson team it does, but work with me here).

Your fans are losing their minds, you coach looks like he rather be shooting his next porno than coaching and you looked like a deer in the headlights under the bright lights of LA, but all is not lost.

Check me out breaking down the NBA Finals and why I believe the Lakers will win. You will also get guest appearances from Ron Jeremy and The Rock.

I will be twittering live each game of the NBA Finals:

For the written version of the pick just keep reading & if you don't mind hype up the story by clicking the BallHype Arrow:


Unless you've slipped into a slight coma for the past week or so, you know all about the crushing upset the Orlando Magic pulled over the Cleveland Cavaliers, or, as most sports announcers would rather call them, the LeBron James'. You've probably also seen the Los Angeles Lakers, or, as Jerry West would like to call them, the LeBron James', pull out their respective Conference Finals' win over the Denver "Knucklehead" Nuggets.

Disappointments aside, forget about whom you'd rather see, take a moment and celebrate the NBA in all its glory. The Magic has proven that you don't need a bandwagon full of supporters to throw it down on your way to the Promised Land, and Kobe has proven that even a habitual complainer and a borderline scientologist (sorry, his press conferences remind me of Tom Cruise's interview with Matt Lauer) can prevail--to a point--without the Big Nickname mumblin' and stumblin' under the basket.

What we're going to witness, hopefully, is a full seven-game series of pure, unadulterated, highly entertaining basketball, with the winner being able to achieve the feat with gamesmanship, grace, and only three flagrant fouls per game.

For all the Sports Betting types out there, this one may be too close to call.

orlando magic.jpg

The Orlando Magics have been the under dogs this whole season, playing big teams like the Celtics and Cavs and they haven't been receiving the RESPECT that they deserve. The franchise has also been in the playoffs for more than half of their existence (11 playoff appearances in 20 years). That is a great accomplishment for a team that only been around two decades. Most teams in the league haven't had that much success. But the media and fans has been counting them out.

aamir, kobe dwight.jpg

But still, let's not discount the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Denver Nuggets. As we've been doing since the first round (which seems like months ago), let's do a quick recap of what we saw in the third round of these incredible yet inconsistent playoffs.

While we get ready for the Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic this coming Thursday, there's still much to talk about when it comes to the rest of the league, and namely the runner ups of each conference.

Let's do a third round recap.

aamir, lakersnuggetsmascot.jpg

I think we've all gotten tired of the Kobe and Lebron comparisons. Some of us may already be tired of the puppet commercials...Ok, maybe not. The defending champions are gone, and so are the underdogs. Now, all we have four teams that truly are playing the best basketball in the league. Boston has too many injuries. The Rockets, could have been up here, but they too, had too many injuries. The Spurs and Mavericks? Well, I think we'll be seeing some changes in all of Texas this summer. But right's down to four...and there's a lot of thoughts going around.

So let's wonder...

I may upset some Laker fans, maybe even some Cavs fan...but hey, why the hell not?

What if...

aamir, dhrr.jpg

Another full two weeks gone by, and the second round has come to an end. Which arguably also means there is only about one month left of professional basketball left this season. A little bittersweet.

But were there surprises this round. With the depleted defending champions finally knocked out, and last year's runner-up taken to the brink of an elimination game, there are a lot of things we still learned from this enigmatic second round of the playoffs.

Let's take a look.

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