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Yes he's at it again folks! You would think one would humble himself after all the self-destructive behavior Adam "Pacman" Jones has faced over the years. There's his release from the Cowboys this past January, 30 day suspension for reenacting Mike Tyson's Punch out with his NFL appointed bodyguard/babysitter at a hotel party back in October 2008 and before that an accusation of assault of a stripper in January 2008. Sadly, that is only the short end of long rap sheet dating back to highschool and college that includes marijuana possession, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, felony vandalism, assault and other miscellaneous acts of mischief and mayhem.

This time Pacman brings his thug appeal to the set of Spike TV's fourth season "Pros vs Joes", a reality TV show that pits ex-professional NBA and NFL players against average Joe blows. reports that Jones took the term reality TV entirely too far during practice when he went blow for blow with castmate and former Holy Cross linebacker, Dan Adams


So I watched the ESPN Outside the Lines report on Adam "Pacman" Jones and here is the conclusion I have come to:


Pretty simple if you think about it Pacman rolled with some criminals and in returned a lot of criminal activity happened in his presence. That is totally his responsibility and he is paying for those choices. When you are a high profile figure you have to understand it isn't just about you. Everyone you associate with becomes a reflection of you. Hang with good people you are normally labeled a good person. Hang with thugs you will label a thug as well.

Might not be fair, but it is what happens in our society. When a regular person is in a club drunk and gets into an altercation and says:

"I Will Kill You All"

That is normally just the liquor talking and neither he or his crew have the means to carry out that threat, but when you are "Make It Rain" Jones and you make that statement and your friends are:


It is more likely they carry out your drunken threat in your name. What is truth? Who knows it is probably somewhere in the middle, but this should be a lesson for all athletes and entertainers coming up in the game on who not to associate with.

You can watch the report here and draw your own conclusions:




We have talked to death about the latest Pacman "Make it Rain" Jones incident and while I appreciate the NFL Today giving Pacman an opportunity to explain himself if I was Pacman's lawyer I would never ever let him speak to the media again.

I understand we all come from different parts of the United States, but I just don't see Pacman swaying public sentiment professing:


First off most people are trying to figure out what a "Scrip Club" is. Secondly Pacman, "Scrip Clubs" aren't like regular clubs. At regular clubs most the women have clothes on and are not soliciting for money. Actually on second thought I might agree with Pacman on that one because in a lot of clubs the women might as well be naked and they do solicited for money in the form of drinks and whatever else they can get for free, but I digress.

Watch the video trust me you will be entertained.



Strippers around the world shed a tear today with the news that Pacman "Make It Rain" Jones has been released by the Dallas Cowboys. The release came hours after ESPN contacted the Cowboys, the NFL and Jones' attorney about an "Outside The Lines" episode where three Atlanta-area men allege that Pacman in essence order a hit on them after a dispute in an Atlanta strip club (imagine that) while he was still a member of the Tennessee Titans. It appears that ESPN is inferring that once the Cowboys got this information they made the ultimate decision to cut Jones (I will see if I can get an official statement from ESPN).

Now before everyone jumps to their own conclusions there are a couple of things that you need to know.

1- Jones has never been charged for ordering the hit.

2- While investigating a separate case an informant told Atlanta Police that Jones order the hit.

3- The NFL and the Cowboys have known about this from the beginning.

Those are the facts in the case you can read that anywhere now I am going to give you information that people are probably afraid or don't want you to hear.

First, not by any means am I saying these gentlemen lying, but you have to take into consideration it is a lot easier to accuse Pacman Jones than say Tim Tebow especially when free publicly and a possible civil case could occur. Not by any means am I saying the informant is lying, but you have to take into consideration that informants are normally criminals themselves that by giving up information to stay out of prison.

Here is also a very important fact the person that Pacman supposedly put out the hit on is an accused murderer himself.

I just want you to have all the information as you form your opinion.

I have a source that stays in the Atlanta area that is very deep into things that I cannot repeat on this site and I asked what information they had on the possibility that Pacman could have done this and here is what they had to say:

"Pacman probably couldn't, but some of the people that Pacman were with were not the type you would want to f*ck with."

Next part is strictly rumor material so take it for what it is worth from the same source:


I co-sign that philosophy because at your essence you are the same person that you were when you came out of the womb. You can make tweaks here and there and you can learn from your experiences as you get older but deep down you are who you are.

Adam "Pacman" aka "Make it Rain" Jones has always been a trouble maker or maybe a better phrase would be "a person who attracts trouble". So even though the Cowboys have done everything in their power to keep him on the straight and narrow it isn't a surprise that he had a little dustup in a "Bathroom" brawl with his security detail.

Let me make one thing clear on the surface I don't think the incident is a big deal. I am sure just like normal people, athletes get into scuffles with their friends all the time, but if you are Pacman you have to know that you can't even argue with the drive-thru girl about a missing apple pie without it becoming headline news.

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