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Let me preface this by saying this has nothing to do with Wes Welker. I am a big Wes Welker fan and I liked the Snow Angel celebration. I have absolutely no problem with it but what I do have a problem with the announcers calling the touchdown.

Why all of a sudden when Wes Welker gets penalized for celebrating the rules must be changed? When it is T.O., Chad Johnson or any other wide receiver in the league they are "hurting the team", "being selfish", "only thinking about themselves and not the rules of the game" and "being disrespectful to the league".

I can't stand hypocrites. It doesn't matter if it is T.O. or Welker if you are going to say that celebrating is bad stick with your story, don't change your opinion just because you "like" the player celebrating.

That is my #1 pet peeve with the bias mainstream media be it a man (or woman) stick to your convictions don't play favorites. Makes me sick really.

From the beginning I have said that players should be able to celebrate anyway they want. Regardless if it is Wes Welker or Randy Moss and I am not going to change that because I like one player over another. Then people wonder why no one respects the media.


Nothing says manly man like pulling someone's hair during a fight.

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Tom Brady is going to be fine. He is going to recover and he still has a life most of us are envious of. With that being said I think it is very low class that the owners of "The Bernard Pollard Fan Club" are selling these t-shirts (see above). Regardless of your hate for a player on the field no one should be cheering an injury. Furthermore the fact they are profiting off of it is a bit sleazy to say the least. I will not link the site because I don't want to be a part of putting money in their pocket. I don't know how they can look themselves in the mirror and be proud of what they are doing.



Now that Tom Brady's knee has been "McGaheed" who are now the top contenders in the AFC?

1- Indianapolis Colts

If we take at face value that what happened last night was an anomaly the subtraction of their main foe's franchise QB would be very beneficial for the Colts. With that being said they looked horrible and if that is to continue New England will be the least of their worries. Getting Peyton Manning and the offensive line straighten out should be their main concerns, but they aren't crying over the Brady going down.

2- San Diego Chargers

As long as Norv Turner is their coach I will be hesitant to install them as a Super Bowl favorite. The one thing in their favor is they have the Colts number who are their main competitor for the top spot. If they can stay healthy they will be a very strong contender, but the possibility of an implosion can happen at any time.

3- Pittsburgh Steelers

QB- Check
Running Game- Check
Wide Receivers- Check
Defense- 10 Checks

Any reason why they couldn't blow through the AFC? If I had to put a good money bet down on a team the Steelers would be that team.


Mark the tape "Ya Boy" Robert Littal is back with 50 Guaranteed NFL Predictions for the 2008 NFL Season: Check out "Ya Girl" Amber Fox NFL predictions in the youtube video.

1- The Patriots won't go undefeated.
2- The Giants won't repeat.
3- Adrian Peterson will kill your fantasy football team.
4- Both Green Bay and The Jets will go 8-8
5- Brett Favre consecutive starting streak will come to an end.
6- So will Peyton Manning's streak.
7- This year's "on the radar" team the Vikings won't make the playoffs.
8- Ricky Williams will lead the Dolphins in rushing.
9- Rookie of the year won't come from anyone taken in the 1st round.
10- Matt Ryan will throw 20+ Ints.
11- By the end of the year ATL will want Michael Vick back.
12- Chad Johnson will have an incident by Week 8 and ESPN will blow it out of proportion.
13- Emmitt Smith will butcher the English language at least 10 times on Monday Night Countdown.
14- T.O. will cry.
15- Roy Williams will get fine.
16- Tony Romo will be caught cheating.
17- The Cowboys will still go 12-4.
18- The Raiders will be good.
19- The Jaguars will be great.
20- Cable companies still won't have the NFL Network.
21- Reggie Bush won't average 4 yards a carry, but will help someone win a PPR fantasy league.
22- NFL Sunday Ticket will still be the best decisions the NFL ever made.
23- Even with Mike Martz the 49ers offense will suck.
24- Vince Young will regress and Matt Leinart won't last the season.
25- The Broncos won't have a 1000 yard rusher.

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"Straight Cash Homie"

Three-years for 27-million and a 12-million signing bonus keeps Randy Moss in New England.

Interestingly there was a rumor that Moss was ready to go to the Packers for three years 30-million and 15-million guaranteed. What was the hold up you may ask?

That would be one "Demi-God Favre" who would not commit to Randy that he would play at least for the next 2 years. So Randy made a choice: Tom Brady or maybe "Demi-God Favre" who could retire.

Easy decision.


Green Bay, Denver, Dallas, Carolina, New England or the CFL. Where will Randy Moss go?

The most interesting thing is rumors that Moss and Daunte Culpepper have been late-night texting dreaming of becoming a package deal. Memo to Randy: there are probably many teams that want you and ummmmm zero that want Culpepper. Just wanted to let you know. Money is still on New England, but don't be surprised if he ends up with another team.

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