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I am just going to get to the point our good friends at had a nice story about how Reggie Bush is working hard this off season. Frankly I don't care at this point he is what he is an average running back, but explosive all around player when he is healthy. All I want to do is post more pictures of Kim Kardashian and this gives me an excuse. So here are your choices. You can click on the link below to get to the PFT story or you can keep scrolling down and see more the lovely Miss Kardashian. You make the call.


You would already known about this post if you were following me on Twitter:

You know I built this site on the strength of speaking the truth. Now the last time I did this to you I lied. I told you I was going to lie, but I still lied anyway. This time I am going to tell you the truth.

There is nothing sports related about this post. My sources tell me that Reggie Bush is in New Orleans taking part of off season workouts with the Saints, so I can't even use him as an excuse.

The fact of the matter is that I like looking at Kim Kardashian. Secondly since I am the CEO of BlackSportsOnline no one can stop me from posting it.

Part of the perks of being the boss, so here is what I am going to ask you to do. Just ignore the fact I have a crush on a female who has made a sex tape with this guy (someone please shoot me):

And is currently dating a running back that can't average more than 3.7 yards per carry. Just enjoy the pictures and I promise I will write something of more substance tomorrow.

More pictures if you continue reading.



I am about to tell a lie right now, so I just wanted to get that out of the way first.

The only reason I am posting this video of Kim Kardashian 2009 Complex Magazine photo shoot is because she is the girlfriend of Reggie Bush therefore it is sports related.

I get no personal joy in it at all. As a responsible journalist it is my job to make sure fans of Reggie Bush know everything about him on and off the field. That happens to include his very voluptuous girlfriend.

I have only watch the video once, twice, thirteen times already there really isn't anything to see here. I suggest that you don't even watch because you know it isn't hard sports news and I know you come to BlackSportsOnline for hard sports news. So don't hit play. I implore you not to hit play.

Now if you want to know what I really think I will be twittering a lot of impure thoughts at:.

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