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Because you know who/ did you know what/ with you know who/ yeah but just keep that between me and you.

Jay Z "The Takeover"

Right now a lot of athletes' nervous right now. As soon as they saw the title they were like:

"Not this guy Rob he can't be manipulated he might say anything and you know my wife reads BlackSportsOnline."


I don't really have anything profound to say. I am as shocked as everyone else. It sports we talk about the difference between "great" players and "legendary" players. MJ was MJ way before Michael Jordan was MJ.

My favorite Michael Jackson song of all time.

"Rock With You"


I cannot deny I was one of many who thought Derek Fisher was hurting the Lakers more than helping them in the early rounds of the playoffs. I demanded that he be benched in favor of Shannon Brown or Jordan Farmer. When he clang his first five three pointers last night I echo those same sentiments that his permanent residence should be the bench.

Now we know why Phil Jackson has nine more rings (it is about to be ten) than I do. I think clutch is an overused and clichéd word. I think a better phrase would be "pressure handler". How does a player react when the pressure is turned up?


I was simply crushed when Mike Tyson's daughter Exodus had to be taken off life support and passed away a couple of weeks ago. Having a young daughter myself I could not imagine what type of trauma and hurt Mike was going through. Add on to the fact a lot of the media reporting the story did the unthinkable in including things about Mike's past that had no bearing to the tragedy at hand. You never get over something like that, but I was hoping Mike somehow some way was able to deal with it.

Mike Tyson is such a fascinating person that I find it amazing that he has even lived to be 42 years old. When I went and saw "The Hangover" (best comedy in years by the way) and there was Mike acting and acting well (his scenes are classics) I was thinking to myself I would have never imagine Mike doing this if you asked me five years ago.


Obviously didn't Lebron didn't read my "Open Letter" to him a couple of weeks ago about him being a "drama queen".

Last night after being destroyed by the Orlando Magic in Game 6th of the Eastern Conference finals "The King" acted more like a spoiled prince. Lebron refused to shake hands with any of the Magic players and then decided he was to "angry" to attend the post game press conference which is required by the NBA. Instead Mo Williams was forced to the podium to congratulate the Magic and explain why the best team in the league would not be going to the NBA Finals (by the way I have gotten on Mo Williams a lot in this series but he has my respect for doing a stand up job in that press conference).


I must admit I might be the greatest Tweeter of all time ( Lord knows I am better than Diddy and Soulja Boy. I have had some legendary twitter conversations for the Cheating Commandments to Mike Brown offensive sets, so if you aren't following me you definitely should start because you are missing out.

Last night I was getting my Tweet on during the Magic vs. Cavs game (I normally twitter during every major sporting event in real time). I was doing what I do when I made a crack about Dwight Howard. To put this into context I joke about everyone while I am twittering. No one is immune to my wrath especially when I am on a roll. I mix in humor with real analysis about what is going on during the events. It is what makes people want to follow me. With that being said here is what I said verbatim last night:

"Dwight Howard knocked up the 1st chick he played "Bed Gammon" with & she just happened to be a Magic Cheerleader. "Pimp Focus" not strong"


I need your help. The Reality show "I am a Superstar Get Me Out of Here" is having a blogger competition and I am in it.

And since all you guys love me so much this is your time to help me up. If I win the competition I get to go to Costa Rica. So please vote:


Yesterday we compared Lebron James plight to a very young Michael Jordan. Today we are going to compare the plight of Kobe Bryant to an older Michael Jordan.

Legendary athletes in any sport when their physical skills start to erode their mental skills peak. When they no longer have the ability to physically dominate they get by simply on their athletic IQ.

Fans in general, especially if they are in love with the player don't like to acknowledge physical slippage. To the train eye though it should be obvious.

If you have been engaged in the Kobe vs. Lebron debate one thing should be clear, Lebron is a physical monster right now. This brings us to Darth Kobe.


One of the first sports books I ever read was "The Jordan Rules" by Stan Smith. One of the main features of the book was a philosophy by Detroit Pistons head coach Chuck Daly (RIP) on the best way to defend Michael Jordan.

The interesting thing was Daly knew you couldn't totally stop Jordan, but the plan was to force him to play 1 on 5 and to beat his brains in for the entire series.

Fast forward to 2009 and you are Lebron James. You have your "Scottie Pippen" Mo Williams not even playing to a Craig Hodges level (what was up with Mo almost crying after the game, dude is weird). Your big men are either statues (Big Z) or offensively challenged (Side Show Bob). You have a forward that is 100 years old (Joe Smith) and another one that is Wally Freakin Szerbiak for goodness sake. It is truly amazing (do not play that Kanye West song again!!!) that Lebron has kept this series with the Magic as close as it is.



Big thanks to John Lopez and Ted Deluca aka The Monsters of the Midday for having me on 790AM this afternoon talking about JR Smith and the NBA Playoffs. Just one of the many great radio stations over the past couple of days who have had me on giving me an opportunity to clarify my points on the matter.

If you want to listen to the audio of the segment which also included some talk on Lebron James as well as the Lakers vs. Nuggets series click below:


You can check out John and Ted daily on 790AM Radio in Houston.

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