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From Murray Evans of the Associated Press

Wayman Tisdale, a three-time All-American at Oklahoma who played 12 seasons in the NBA, died after a two-year battle with cancer. He was 44.

Tisdale died Friday morning at St. John Medical Center in Tulsa, hospital spokeswoman Joy McGill said.


According the AP:

AKRON, Ohio -- Ohio police say a 52-year-old woman was attacked on her first day as an exotic dancer by a jealous co-worker wielding a stiletto heel.

Akron police Lt. Rick Edwards says the woman was assailed Friday night by a co-worker who didn't think the club needed more dancers. Police say one of the dancers took her stiletto and repeatedly struck the woman in the face as she walked into the basement dressing room.

The woman was treated at a hospital and received seven staples. She has declined to press charges against her assailant.

Police say the woman took the job because she needed the extra money. She has refused to talk to police about what happened.

Like Jay's What's Happening Rog fro and blue blocker shades along with Beyonce's Ugh My Breath Smells Like Sh*t face courtside at a New Jersey Nets game, sometimes some of our favorite celebs get caught slipping in a moment of leisure cheering on their favorite teams. Oh sure it happens with Jacko all the time and I don't mean Jackson. This time R&B hottie turned fashion disaster Christina Milian was all the rage for all the wrong reasons for her "new look" last Tuesday at the Cavs vs Hawks game. I know it's important to stay relevant and reinvent yourself in the entertainment industry but since when did Smurfette meets California Happy Cow come in fashion? Maybe I missed something here.



You Tell Me. Is this the same chic?

There's nothing better than half naked chics rubbing themselves down with various members of the produce family, or so I've been told. Personally I'm partial to whip cream myself. Apparently PETA is all for getting a little "Veggie Love" and brought in a harem of sexy scantily clad stunners to push the envelope and lick the cantaloupe, um pumpkin.
The ad featuring women powerless to resist the temptation of "Veggie Love"--was deemed too hot for the Super Bowl. NBC rejected the video because of concerns over "rubbing pelvic region with pumpkin," a woman "screwing herself with broccoli," and more!

While this certainly is no instructional video showcasing the latest tips on the new sex craze known as vegetality, the ad does nothing if use cheap thrills to push a Vegan crusade against animal "cruelty" and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle vs the lifestyle of us dirty rotten meat eaters and no doubt amounts to mad unique hits to the PETA website!

With all PETA's in your face media tactics from blood stained fur protests and celebrity/ athlete smear campaigns in the name of anti-animal cruelty are we really surprised by
PETA succumbing to major networks glorification of sex and women as sex objects to promote their agenda? Got to give it to them. Vegetables never looked so "sexy" or should I say so beyond "a level of sexuality exceeding our standards" as quoted by NBC.

eddy curry.jpg

Here on BSO, we have the liberty to report and give our opinion on things sports-related. We arent bound in a manner to where the CEO controls us like puppets, and for that I am grateful.

The same liberty allows us to provide thought provoking commentary about how sports is just an accessory to life, along with the trials and tribulations that come with it. Many commentators don't care, but some of the people that I look up to in the industry, your Stuart Scott's, Michael Wilbon's, etc, care enough to go beyond the field of play into the stadium of life. They draw the correlation between the freak of nature athlete, and the person within.

First things first, I am praying for you Eddy Curry. My opinion of you as a basketball player aside, you are dealing with a lot right now. Keep your head to the sky.

We as fans often times forget that these athletes feel emotional hurt and cry tears just as we do. Its hard to remember that these people are humans that deal with the same situations we do, but receive the publicity associated with being a celebrity.


Let me preface this by saying that we as Americans sometimes put priority on the wrongs things. When the whole Michael Vick situation went down, I did not shed a tear for not one dog. Call me cold, call me callous, you can call me whatever, but Mike's poor judgement was blown way out of proportion.

We have players that beat women, traffic drugs, and get caught up in all kind of messes that involve human beings and their well-being. Those stories make the headlines for a few days, and then disappear. Larry Johnson anyone?

It pains me though, that the mistreatment of animals causes such an uproar, but we dont place the same value on human life.

Which brings me to PETA...


I am blessed beyond measure. As I sit here and watch Barack get his day started, I am astonished. Being the leader of the free world is not a small task. If you look at Barack, his demeanor is cooler than a summer breeze. I could imagine what he feels on the inside. Do I think he is nervous? Probably not. Barack saw this day coming. He had the vision, and put his faith to work. He replayed this moment is his head over and over again. He has lived this day before. He believed.

Dr. King, we love you and all that you accomplished then, and the fruits of your vision now. But, I have a dream too, as do many sports fans.


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