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Let me introduce (or re-introduce to hardcore tennis fans), Richard Gasquet.


He has been cleared to play again by the International Tennis Federation, who had banned Gasquet for 75 days due to some doping violations. He tested positive for cocaine.

The circumstances behind his drug use is where the story gets funny....borderline hilarious.


Head Tennis Rackets...Geez! You guys have your mind in the gutter...though, I'm not sure if the producers and writers for this commercial weren't thinking the same thing as you guys...

See the commercial for Head Tennis Rackets after the jump!

aamir, fednad.jpg

With all the hype around the Super Bowl this weekend, I'd like to point out a championship match/game/set/event...etc. - the Australian Open, will be an event people will most likely fail to watch. With all the hype around Arizona and Pittsburgh, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will be overshadowed by the biggest sports event of the year. With all the coverage around the marketing, game and quotes this week and especially on Super Bowl Sunday, this article may potentially be hidden.

Regardless, it is a must to point out the brilliance that these two tennis players are bringing today at the Australian Open's Championship Match which began around 1 a.m. PST.

Federer and Nadal not only bring out the best in each other, but show how incredibly stunning the sport of tennis truly is.


Serena Williams wins her 10th Grand Slam and regains her #1 ranking in 22 minutes in her 2009 Australian Open victory over Safina in straight sets (6-0, 6-3).


My "Pimp Focus" is strong. Now I know this is a PG site so what is the best way I can say this. Don't you just get the feeling that playing "Bed Gammon" with Serena you literally would be going to war? Like on some "300" type of vibe. She would just bust out of the bedroom like:



Like on some Wonder Woman type stuff walking out of the bedroom with one of those truth lassos and some stripper boots?


Like on some Superbad stuff where you are McLovin?
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Am I fantasizing here?

I better stop while I am ahead don't want to lose any advertisers. Just check out the rest of the pictures.

Now that we've said goodbye to the end of an era of mediocrity known as the Bush era and ushered in the new, you can't help but look back at the some of the greatest sports moments of 2008. Here's some that made you laugh, cry or just stare dumbfounded in disbelief. Yea Litall touched on this but as usual, but after much debating, here are MY top picks for best sports stories. Let the arguments begin............


8.) Nadal Ends Federer's Reign At Wimbledon
Ok so I'll bite. Now that I've seen video clips, I've decided to kick off my second annual Top Sports Moments list with the history in the making match up between men's tennis
greats Rafeal Nadal and Roger Federer. The grueling five match showdown complete with rain delays was a testament to Nadal's toughness and tenacity and marked the end of Federer's five year reign, as Nadal was crowned Wimbledon champion.

7.)Rays Almost Sting Phillies In World Series
To the victor goes the spoils they say and while the Phillies have been named as the 2008 World Series Champions, the Rays fairytale journey into the World Series contention should definitely NOT go without notice. Just thinking about a team with a 200-1 shot at appearing in the World Series go from worst to first, beating out heavyweights New York and Boston is enough to place this moment in the Top 8 Sports Moments of 2008.

6.) Old Time Rivalry Renewed:Celtics vs Lakers
There's something about reliving the glory days when the NBA Finals was a clash of the Titans between two juggernauts, one from the East and one from the West. Ask anyone about the Celtics vs Lakers rivalry and the names Magic vs Bird, Russell vs come to mind. During the 2008 Finals, David Stern, the media and old school fans got their wish as Kobe led Lakers faced off against the Big 3 of the Celtics composed of K.G., Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. Despite the victory being favored to go to the Lakers, the defensive prowess of the Celtics proved to be too much for the Lakers and the Celtics went on to win the series in 6 games.


I know we are football heavy, but had to take some time out to congratulate Serena on her 3rd US Open Title. She had a great match against Jelena Jankovic that was entertaining all the way to the finish (more entertaining than the Bears vs. Colts). Serena is now the #1 female player in the world. I still don't think the Williams Sisters get as much credit as they should considering how dominant they have been since they have been on tour. But that is another article for another day I know what you are waiting for.

Check out the old dude, I know he sees that. lol




Roger Federer had won 5 Wimbledon championships in a row. Rafael Nadal was 0-2 against him on grass, including last year's Wimbledon final. Nadal came out and took control with a 2-set lead. After losing a tiebreaker in the third set, he had a 5-2 lead in the fourth set tiebreaker and looked ready to put Federer away. After a double-fault and a loss of composure by Nadal and a spirited comeback by Federer, the two rivals were down to one set. Nadal was able to take it 9-7 (bet he's glad there are no tiebreakers in the fifth set!), Federer's streak was over and Rafael Nadal was a Grand Slam champion on what many recently considered his weakest surface.

Many have already said that this was the greatest tennis match they had ever seen. For 22-year-old Rafael Nadal, it is a defining moment in his career, a point where he took the title of best player in the world from 26-year-old Roger Federer, who has already accomplished enough to be considered an all-time great. Nadal still trails Federer in the world rankings, but if he continues to dominate he will take over the #1 spot soon enough.

Written By Danish Zahur


Ok, you're Venus Williams! Your sister has been a dominant force in women's tennis for years. Not only has she dominated the sport, she's beaten you five times straight in championship matches! I'm sorry, make that five straight in Grand Slam championship matches!

You're the older sister, so most feel you're past your prime because your little sister is beating the pants off of you and the rest of the field. But today, you had your time in the sun. Today you took all those years of defeat and turned them into not only a Wimbledon victory but a dominant, no mistaking the victor, utter destruction of your younger sibling and in the process shut up every critic who said your time had past and that Serena was the reigning queen of tennis.

A 130 mph serve followed by crushing backhands and volleys with enough vigor to buckle a top male tennis player, Venus defeated her sister 7-5 and 6-4 in a decisive and short but merciful victory. No bravado, but lots of the "Michael Jordan" fist pumps. Venus wasn't meek during match play but gracious in victory.

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