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Terrell Owens had a VH1 premiere party in LA at the Sky Bar in the Mondrian Hotel. It was star studded affair.

Our friends at was able to get an exclusive interview with T.O. here is a transcript of that.

You might love T.O., you might hate T.O., but whatever your feelings are for Terrell Owens the one thing you have to give him credit for he is damn entertaining.

There hasn't been this much excitement in Buffalo since they invented the Buffalo Wing.


My earliest memory of the "The Superstars" was Walter Peyton rocking a jheri curl and a Kangaroo sweat suit. Lets just say I think the Terrell Owens version will be a little bit different.

Here is some information about the latest incarnation of "The Superstars" from

Eight athletes, including Buffalo Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens, will team with eight celebrities in the latest reincarnation of "The Superstars," ABC television announced Tuesday.

Owens will team with Joanna Krupa, a model who was one of Maxim magazine's Top 100 women in the world in 2006, when the competition gets underway on June 23 (8 p.m. ET, ABC). The eight teams will compete weekly in events including swimming, biking, running and kayaking. One team will be eliminated each week, leading up to the finals.

Other athletes include former major league baseball player Jeff Kent, ex-NBA star Robert Horry, Olympian Bode Miller, former world No. 1 tennis player Jennifer Capriati, WNBA star Lisa Leslie, soccer great Brandi Chastain and women's freeskiier Kristi Leskinen.

They will team with actress and former Miss USA Ali Landry (Kent), actress Estella Warren (Horry), "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" star Paige Hemmis (Miller), "Dancing With The Stars" performer Maksim Chmerkovskiy (Leskinen), actor and former North Carolina football player Dan Cortese (Leslie), former "Baywatch" and "Melrose Place" star David Charvet (Capriati) and singer Julie Inglesias, Jr. (Chastain).

Back in 2006, Terrell Owens set the sports world on fire by daring to compare himself to a few sports legends with the following quote:

"I'm not Superman. I'm human. Michael Jordan doesn't make every shot. Jerry [Rice] hasn't caught every pass. Tiger [Woods] doesn't make every putt. I understand the expectations of me. People want me to catch every ball. The likelihood of that happening is not going to be great. I understand that."

Now, because America's sportswriters are always looking to find fault with Terrell Owens, they were up in arms about that statement. "How dare he compare himself to Jerry Rice, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan! He can't even put himself in the same sentence as those guys!"

Fast forward to April 9, 2009, when Terrell Owens said the following quote:

"Other than that, I'm fine. I've been called selfish pretty much throughout my career. I think I'm in good company, Jerry Rice has been called selfish before, as well as a number of other guys."

I wrote about this in 2006 and I'm going to write about it again, mostly because I hate sportswriters. I'm not going to pretend that Terrell Owens is an angel or a model teammate, but once again, they're really reaching with this. You'll see that what I said in 2006 is pretty much going to be identical to what I say today:


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People in general think it is easy to be a sports blogger. I mean how hard can it be? You just sit and write your opinions on sports easy as 1, 2, 3. Of course that is why many sports blogs fail miserably because it takes a special gift to break into a market that is more flooded than the rap industry and MySpace wannabe models combine.

Many athletes have tried their hand at blogging and most are horrible (there are a couple of exceptions like Chris Cooley and Agent 0). So when I find an athlete who has some talent I want to make sure he or she gets there due.

Which brings us to Martellus Bennett second year Tight End with the Dallas Cowboys. Our good friends a dropped a story today that Marty B as he likes to be called had started a blog for the Dallas Morning News. At first I was skeptical, but considering Marty B was one of the stars of HBO "Hard Knocks" series I decided to give him a read and this was a part of his first entry:


You can follow my thoughts on this on my Twitter:

I have lways been a big fan of Eminem. I think he has the 2nd best verse in the history of hip hop (his 1st verse on Jay Z's "Renegade" the best verse of all time is Inspectah Deck on Wu Tang's "Triumph"). Em has been MIA for the last couple of years staying out of the spotlight, but he is coming back with a new CD.

This is the first single off that CD. It is called "We Made You" and to my surprise it takes a shot at a famous Dallas Cowboys football player and it isn't T.O.

Jessica Simpson has always been a target of his but this time he has brought Tony Romo into the picture as well.


I think this means if he hasn't already Romo has crossover from just the sports medium into the TMZ medium and I don't know if that is a good or bad thing for him.


On Monday the 16th one of the main headlines on was:

T.O. Skips Bills Voluntary Workout

The most important word in that sentence is "Voluntary", but if you read the story and watched the various ESPN talking heads (Mort, Clayton, NFL Live and etc) you would have thought T.O. had skipped out on the first game of the season.

It wasn't a big deal. The Bills didn't think it was a big deal. Terrell Owens is one of the best conditioned athletes not just in the NFL but in the world. Missing a "voluntary" condition workout is not going to hurt him.

I believe most people realized it was a non-story even while some in the media were trying to make it into a bigger story than it was. I decided not to even write about because it was a waste of time and didn't want to give the story any legs, but this information was passed on to me.

It appears the reason that T.O. didn't make it to the "voluntary" workout because he was receiving an award. Of course this was buried on page 97 of with no accompanying videos from any talking heads. You might be asking what the award that Owens' received was. Just read for yourself.

Despite confirmed reports of T.O. public outbursts against Romo, Whitten and offensive coordinator, Jason Garrett combined with his conquer and divide locker room conquest, Jerry Jones would like you to ignore your common sense for a less than firm grasp on the obvious reason why Terrell Owens was axed from the Dallas Cowboys. Wait for it....wait...ok here it is....the Cowboys cut him and it had nothing to do with his off field performance and the best thing for all the Cowboys involved was to part ways.

Jerry Jones told ESPN

"...Many things that you think about when you make a decision on a player. At least I do. I have the loyalty to Roy Williams and the future what we have with Roy, I'm excited about Roy so heavy and the picks we gave up in this draft. I'm excited about him and we really need to emphasis everything we can, as far as Tony and the quarterbacking, relative to the scales of Roy Williams..."

What??? Somewhere in that cockamamy reasoning of Jones, the "real" reason T.O. was given his walking papers is lost in translation in Jones' incoherent babbling. Maybe Jones' was having a "senior moment" because if I didn't know better he's excusing himself from the single decision that will undoubtedly cast a dark cloud over Dallas Cowboys playoff contentions next season.

But hey! Like Jones said. They have Dallas' next "Messiah" at wide receiver in Roy Williams. Trent Edwards and the Bills have T.O.,everyone is happy right? After all, one man's trash is another man's treasure no matter how chipped, cracked, tarnished and threebtime hand me downs it is*smile

Written By Qiana M

Wow. Buffalo. And don't be fooled by that fake smile over there, because he does not look happy about it. Might as well have exiled T.O. to Siberia. Or Kansas City. On the bright side, no one's going to see him screw up anything out there. No one saw that coming, mostly because no one even remembered that Buffalo had an NFL team.

So, yeah, Terrell Owens signed a one-year, $6.5 million deal with the Bills. The deal validates the wild claims that agent Drew Rosenhaus made when he said that T.O. would have a deal within the week, although, judging from the look on T.O.'s face during his press conference, I don't think either one of them would consider this a "win." Personally, I believed that Owens would be out of work for a few more months, at which point, teams would no longer be influenced by ESPN's "T.O. Hater Brigade", and realize that at least 15 of them had nothing to lose by signing Owens.


With respect to Jay Mariotti (and the other 87% of the media) who believe that the Bills signing of Terrell Owens is destine to fail (on a side note Jay I know you are new to this blogging thing, but if you use another blogger's YouTube video it is common courtesy to mention where you got it from) after thinking it over I think Buffalo is the perfect fit for Owens. So without further ado here are:


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