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Chuck Liddell's UFC career is over. Not a sports blog writer's opinion. This is coming from the Prez himself.

UFC President Dana White has announced that Chuck Lidell, who got knocked out (again) last night, has fought his last fight. I guess Dana has decided to be like the majority of the other bosses in America right now and retire his former superstar.

I dont blame him either. Lidell's record in his last 5 fights is 1-4. Some of the young guns in the sport have undeniably shattered the legacy of Lidell with their seemingly easy victors of one of the sports most revered stars. White tried to coerce Lidell to retire after the last fight, but the warrior within Liddell couldn't leave out the way he eventually did. TKO'd.


The lesson we have learned here is if you decide to do a "Superman Punch" against Fedor you better not miss.


Fights are over. Fedor KO of Arlovski was sick!!! Will try to get a video up of that soon.

Who's the Champ?

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There was a point in time where the Heavyweight Champion of the world was the most important and most recognized person in sports. Obviously that day has long gone. There was a point in time where the fights meant more than a winner and a loser, they had political supremacy on the line. Obviously that day has long gone. There was a time where fighters fought and we all watched. That day has gone. With big money fights not living up to expectations and the alphabet soup of boxing destroying the credibility of the word Champion, 2009 looks promising. But we cant forget that boxing hasn't broken it's promises to us before.


What is it about boxers, wrestlers and MMA fighters that they have such tragic and horrific deaths? The latest is MMA fighter Justin Levens (that's him above knocking someone out) here are the gory details:

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. - A mixed martial arts fighter and his wife were found shot to death in a Laguna Niguel condominium in what authorities said was an apparent murder-suicide.

The bodies of Justin Levens and his wife, Sarah McLean-Levens, were found Wednesday afternoon, Orange County sheriff's officials said. The 28-year-old Levens competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) and other organizations. Levens hasn't fought in UFC or WEC since 2006, and one of his losses that year was to Evan Tanner, who died on a desert trip this year.

Levens also fought in the now-defunct International Fight League.

Sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino said the couple was found by the woman's mother, who called 911.

Not quite Chris Benoit level, but still a disturbing trend.


I have to admit I thought the undercard was a little better than the Main Event, but simply put Brock Lesner was too big and too young for Old Man Couture especially considering he was coming off a one year layoff. Even though it appeared that Brock was getting tired there was really no way Couture was going to win unless Brock truly just screwed it. Couture is 45 for goodness sake does he even need to be in the ring anymore?

Our friends at WORLDSTARHIPHOP.COM has the full 10 minute fight here:

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They say it is going to be the biggest UFC fight in the history of the sport. They say it will do more PPV buys in the history of the organization. They say it is the most anticipate fight ever.

But if you don't want to shell out the 50 bucks for the PPV. You can watch in live here on BlackSportsOnline. You know "Ya Boy" takes care of you (just like with the Bernard Hopkins vs. Kelly Pavlik fight & Roy Jones Jr vs. Joe Calzaghe). Don't worry I will be monitoring the stream all night, so you will not miss one second.


Elite XC goes kaput

Sports Illustrated Confirmed that Elite XC is done. No surprise here really; they banked everything on Kimbo Slice and once he got whupped, they had nothing to work with other than recycling washed up UFC guys like Ken Shamrock. If you want a prime example of how not to run an entertainment business venture, look at Elite XC. They put their entire fate in the hands of Slice, known for his backyard fights on Youtube against guys that aren't much good, when there was no evidence that he had the necessary skill set to compete against fighters with formal training and real experience in MMA events. It didn't help that Slice was a boxer (or should I say puncher?) and nothing else, which is a recipe for disaster in MMA. To be honest with you, I thought he'd lose when the fight with Shamrock was announced; he may be over the hill, but Shamrock still has enough to beat a fraud like Slice. Slice's 'career' was like the people on American Idol who can sing one song just well enough to get past the frst audition, but get exposed as soon as they have to sing different types of songs week after week. (On a side note, can any MMA junkies out there explain to me why these guys seem to have zero career longevity? It seems that right after they go mainstream, they go over the cliff. Am I wrong?)

Written By Robert Bonnette


One time I saw my dad lose at basketball and I cry so the only difference between me and Kimbo's kid is I was 3 and this dude has to be like 25 right? What hell is wrong with him? Did he put all his GED money on has daddy beating up a Pink haired bean pole? Seriously what is the problem here?

While Daddy was getting knocked down by a jab that couldn't hurt Perez Hilton his son for lack of a better term was acting like Perez Hilton.

*Perez Hilton just emailed to say don't disrespect him like that*


Even the boy's mom is looking at him like:

"I wish I had a girl"

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