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Ok, you're Venus Williams! Your sister has been a dominant force in women's tennis for years. Not only has she dominated the sport, she's beaten you five times straight in championship matches! I'm sorry, make that five straight in Grand Slam championship matches!

You're the older sister, so most feel you're past your prime because your little sister is beating the pants off of you and the rest of the field. But today, you had your time in the sun. Today you took all those years of defeat and turned them into not only a Wimbledon victory but a dominant, no mistaking the victor, utter destruction of your younger sibling and in the process shut up every critic who said your time had past and that Serena was the reigning queen of tennis.

A 130 mph serve followed by crushing backhands and volleys with enough vigor to buckle a top male tennis player, Venus defeated her sister 7-5 and 6-4 in a decisive and short but merciful victory. No bravado, but lots of the "Michael Jordan" fist pumps. Venus wasn't meek during match play but gracious in victory.

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