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Exposed: Confessions of a Groupie
Written By Robert Littal
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Over the past 2 months Robert Littal has interviewed over 50 women in regards to their relationships with professional athletes. They range from professional groupies to Wives who have been with athletes for more than a decade. In part 1 of this 3 part series, Robert Littal interviews groupies who tell us how does it feel to always be the other woman.

Not so long ago when your Bonfide Sports Expert was at The Ohio State University he had a promising rap career in the making. Not unlike the 10 million or so other young black males in this country I had dreams of being the next Tupac or Biggie (sans the violent murders of course). I even had a small regional hit song called �Ichiro� (you can click to listen, it is Rated R and yes it is named after the baseball player). Maybe it was sign early on that my true calling was as a sports personality and not an Emcee, but I digress.

The reason that I am telling you this, is by being in the music industry for a period of time I saw what a difference being a �normal� guy was as oppose to a �music� guy, especially when it came to the female persuasion. I literally sat next to young ladies in class who acted like I was invisible to them only to have them proposition me later that night at the club because the DJ played my song. The interesting thing is in the immortal words of Queen Latifah to Q (Omar Epps) in the movie �Juice�, I was just �local�

In my years since giving up the mic and covering professional athletes I have encountered many women who have told me stories of sex, lies and videotapes in the world of sports. In my article �Shaq�s Dirty Little Secret� where he is exposed by Karrine �Superhead� Steffans I touch on the topic a bit, but for the past month I have been gathering information to give you a real peek into the life of professional athletes in relation to their groupies, mistresses, girlfriends and wives. This will be a three part story with the first part focuses on groupies and mistresses, the 2nd part the wives and girlfriends and the last part an interview with a professional athlete on the topic of groupies. All the names have been changed to protect the privacy of the young ladies, since being a discreet is the #1 rule in their arrangement with the athletes. None of the ladies knew what the others were saying except for Candice and Tonya who were interviewed together.

The interviewer:

Robert Littal

The Interviewees:

Candice & Tonya (groupies who follow NBA Basketball teams)
Shontae (mistress of a player on the Dallas Cowboys)
Michelle (mistress of a player on the New York Jets)
Candy (Groupie who has claimed to have slept with over 100 celebrities and athletes)
Tamela (A married woman who has been having an affair that her husband is unaware of with a Pitcher on the New York Mets)

RL: My first question to all of you is why? Why be a groupie or why be a mistress of a professional athlete?

Candice: First let me say I don�t consider myself a groupie. I go to school, I have a job and I am an independent woman. I do what I do because I want to and it is fun.

Tamela: I am not proud of the fact that I am cheating on my husband, but the person I am having my affair with helps me fill in the gaps of my marriage, there are no strings and I get lots of stuff, so it is the best of both worlds.

Shontae: It is definitely the benefits. Before I was dating the person I am with now, I dated another athlete who I was truly in love with me who gave me money, clothes basically whatever I wanted. He was possessive so that is why the relationship ended, but I got use to the lifestyle.

Tonya: I am young with no kids, so why not.

Candy: It is a control thing with me, I like seeing these millionaires wrapped around my fingers. It is the power of sex.

Michelle: I can honestly say I am in love with the person that I am with and I truly believe we are going to be together. I know I am being na�ve, but he says he is going to get a divorce.

RL: Michelle, do you really believe he will get a divorce?

Michelle: Deep down I really do. All of my friends like I said before think I am na�ve, but I believe him. This wasn�t planned I didn�t go out looking for him it just kind of happened.

RL:Tamela, what types of gaps does this athlete fill in your marriage?

Tamela: I�ve always dated bad boys, drug dealers, rappers, etc etc I was always attracted to them. I settled down with my husband because he was a nice guy, but a part of me missed the bad boy lifestyle. The person I am having the affair with now brings back that excitement that is missing in my marriage.

RL: Candy, you say it is about control could you talk about that a little more?

Candy: I get a rush from it, these athletes and celebrities are use to getting what they want, and they are use to being in control, so when you take it away from them it is a power trip. I once had a player on the Atlanta Falcons begged me not to leave his hotel room. Said he would leave his wife and kids for me. It was like that scene from Harlem Nights with Sunshine. I am talking about a man who is 6�6� 300 pounds who I have wrapped around my finger, you can�t imagine the rush you get from that.

RL: Candy I have to ask, how are you getting athletes who have their choice of beautiful women each day to give you that type of control.

Candy: Regardless if you are an athlete, rapper or mailman you can be turned out, plus I believe that most of the women they meet are submissive, I am dominant and I know they like that. A lot of these players� wives are not willing to things in the bedroom that I do, when an athlete gets with me it is no holds barred.

RL: Are you ashamed of what you do and does it bother you when people call you a glorified prostitute?

Tonya: Here is what I don�t get, it is cool in our society to be like one of those Desperate Housewife bitches or Sex in the City bitches and sleep with 10 guys a month, but what I do makes me a prostitute? I am not ashamed because I am doing what I want to do and there is nothing wrong with that.

Candy: No I am not ashamed and a lot of the hate comes from jealousy. A lot of women could only dream of doing the things I am doing, but instead they are sitting at home taking little Johnnie to soccer practice, miserable with their lives.

Michelle: I am a little bit ashamed because I am sleeping with a married man, but at this point I don�t really know what to do.

Candice: Hell naw, my bills are paid, I go to the hottest parties and get to hang out with famous people why would I be ashamed of that?

Tamela: I don�t know if ashamed would be the word I would use. I do wish I could be faithful to my husband, but I am not ashamed because this is who I am.

Shontae: Not at all there are a lot of women who want to be me.

RL: You spoke of benefits before what types of things have you gotten from athletes?

Shontae: Right now the person I am with is paying for my rent, car note and all of my daily expenses.

Candy: The best I have gotten is a 2004 Expedition.

Michelle: He is paying my college tuition.

RL: Candace & Tonya how do you get access to NBA Players?

Tonya: It isn�t as difficult as you think. The easiest way is to just find out what club they are going to while they are in town. Most players go to the same spots every time they come into town, so you put on your best outfit and let them know you are willing to do whatever and they usually invite you back to their room. You can also hang out in the lobby of the hotel, but that isn�t as fun as going to the club.

Candace: After awhile the players know whom they can trust and whom they can�t. For instance when I am in Atlanta I am known as someone who knows what the deal is and is not going to cause any problems.

RL: Are there women out there to cause trouble?

Candace: You have a lot of women out there who really think the player is going to fall in love with them after having sex with them or think they are owed something by sleeping with them. I think that is what happened to Kobe Bryant with that girl in Colorado. He thought she knew the deal and she caught some feelings and that is when bad things happen.

RL: Would any of you consider writing a Superhead type book?

Candy: I thought about only because she is getting paid. Plus she is on TV all the time; she has become a celebrity just for being a dick sucker. I have double the stories she has, but in the end I respect the privacy of the people I am dealing with.

Tonya: Maybe if times gets tough.

Candace: Here is a secret I have been keeping notes of everything I have done over the past couple of years. I seriously considering it.

Shontae: Never

Michelle: No

Tamela: No

RL: Do all athletes cheat?

Candy: I have met one faithful athlete in my life, I am not going to say his name because I don�t want to cause any problem in his marriage, but he is a member of the New York Giants. One of his friends set him up with me I guess as a pre-wedding gift or something. Anyway we were in this very nice hotel room with champagne, rose petals, the whole romance thing and right before we were going to get down to business he said he couldn�t do it to his fianc�e. He is the only guy who ever turned me down. So to answer your question I do think some are faithful, but not many.

Tamela: I am pretty sure most do.

Shontae: I would say it is about 50/50

Michelle: I think there are many athletes who are faithful to their wives.

Candace: Hell yeah.

Tonya: 100% of the black guys, 90% of the white guys.

RL: Final question what has been the wildest experience you have had dealing with an athlete?

Tonya: I know the funniest thing that has happen to me is when a coach busted in on a player and I while we were having sex and just started to talk about what the player had did wrong and how he needed to fix it for the next game and then just walked out like he never even saw me there. After getting bitched out by the coach the player couldn�t get his little soldier to stand up anymore.

Candy: I don�t know if you have ever seen a show called �Playmakers� on ESPN that came on a couple of years back, but this guy I was messing around with at the time who was in the NFL use to watch it with a passion. I guess there was a scene where the QB or something got head at halftime and the guy wanted me do that to him. So there I was in the middle of December in this little ass skirt and top freezing my ass off waiting on him in this area he had me waiting at. He finally comes, but he isn�t alone he has like 4 other players with him and he wanted me to do them all. I was like WTF and got the hell out of there. You would think at halftime they would have more to think about then getting head. They lost the game too.

Candace: I had Brokeback mountain incident where an Atlanta Hawks player who I had slept with a couple of times wanted to bring his friend in on the action. I was cool with it because we had done 3somes before with another girl, so I didn�t think it was a big deal. After a bit I noticed that the 2 guys were way more interested in each other than they were in me lmao.

Tamela: My husband almost caught me in bed with the person I am a dealing with now. He was suppose to be at work and if he didn�t text me about 2 minutes before he got home asking me if I needed anything he would have caught me red handed.

Shontae: Just a couple of manage a trios nothing special.

Michelle: I have never told anyone this before, but I had sex with another guy while my man watched. In retrospect I don�t know why I did it, but when you are in love sometime you do stupid things.

To end part 1 of this three part exclusive here is a conversation that I retrieve off a message board in regards to the struggles of a groupie after breaking it off with her star athlete and how her groupie friends supported her.

Girl A-�Well I took you guys advice and broke it off with that jerk who I thought liked me. He told me that he sorry that I had to find out about his other girl on TV. I was so mad at him and asked why was he chasing after me when he had the other girl and he said that he only wanted to see if he could get me. But he brought me gifts and things, now he wants them back cuz I refuse to give it up just cuz he is a athlete, my granny taught me betta than that. I am smart, beautiful and young and I wont waste my time with a man who does not respect my mind, body and soul. I will miss him but thanks for the advice ladies. I am going to focus on school and stay away from dogs, my prince will come one day and I pray he aint a athlete but a nice god fearing man who respect me. Oh and he told me that if I gave him head rite then he would let me keep that old used range rover he gave me, I drove that piece of shit rite to his door step and walked home.�

Girl B- �Speaking from experience D, I wrestled with giving my bling back as well, well not for long. I figured I deserved it since he dicked me over. I am wearing all of it right now, up at work looking like Mr. T. I dont care. Every shoe, pair of jeans, trip, etc. I earned. I took my man to my family and I NEVER do that, so keep the bling girl and screw him (not literally).�

Girl C- �I don't give back shit not even a damn pen that I took out of his car. You want yo shit back? Come get it. I dare yo ass! But while you are at it give me back my pussy, dick sucks, fried chicken, collard greens, sock and drawers washing.... ok sorry yall I will keep going. B.East, Tina where are yall? Don't let me keep going shit I had an extra shot of espresso in my coffee this morning.�

Hell has no fury like, well you know the rest. Am I the only curious why women only look for the �god fearing� man after getting screwed over and she is never going to make it through school spelling �right� as �rite�, but I digress. In Part 2 of this 3 part expose' we will see what the wives and girlfriends have to say and I promise you will be shocked.

Click Here For Part 2
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