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Dirk Nowitski’s ex heads to the slammer

According to the Dallas Morning News, Dirk’s ex-fiancee, Cristal “Don’t blame it on the alcohol” Taylor has been sentenced to 5 years in jail for violating her probation in a 12 year old forgery and theft case

Cristal A. Taylor, 38, a St. Louis-area native, appeared this morning in circuit court in St. Charles. She admitted that she failed to check in with her probation officer and that she was arrested twice in Texas in 2000 for misdemeanors.

Taylor had planned to marry the Dallas Mavericks player and has said she is pregnant with his child. She was arrested at his home on May 6 and accused of failing to pay for $10,000 in cosmetic dental work in Texas in 2006.

The arrest brought to light her criminal record, including a St. Charles County case from 1997 in which Taylor was accused of forgery and stealing. She pleaded guilty in 1999 and was placed on probation. She also has an outstanding warrant for violating probation in a St. Louis County bad check case. Police have tied Taylor to a string of aliases.

This morning, Circuit Judge Nancy Schneider ordered the execution of concurrent five-year prison sentences for three felony counts and a one-year jail term for a misdemeanor.

I hope you learned a lesson Dirk about being careful who you get involved with you are a rich and successful individual who got caught up with the wrong person. You could’ve had it worse, you could be Steve McNair right now. Dirk, hopefully you made a call to Maury to get a DNA test to see if the baby is yours and never trust a woman named after an alcoholic beverage.