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Mark The Tape: Michael Vick Will Be A Baltimore Raven

On the official BSO Twitter ( we have been debating for a few weeks where Michael Vick will land.

Two weeks ago I had a source in Baltimore who told me to watch out for the Ravens. Yesterday this same source urged me to post that the Ravens were the favorites.

I was a bit hesitant (see: Lamar Odom) because I wanted to have something more concrete than just one single source.

But with the recent reports by ESPN Chris Mortensen and Mike Florio of I am confident enough with my source to say I believe the Ravens are the front runners for Michael Vick services.

According to my source the thinking is that with the leadership structure in place starting with Ray Lewis that the PR hit would not be as severe.

Ray Lewis controls the city of Baltimore and if Ray is cool with it the fans will fall in line.

On the field it is a no brainer because the Raven’s offense has been atrocious for years and lacking explosive playmakers.
The plan according to the source the plan is if Vick is signed would be to work him into the offensive similar to how the Vikings plan to use Percy Harvin.

A little running back, a little wide receiver and some wildcat.

The Ravens are 100% behind Joe Flacco so Vick would not be a threat to him, but the goal would be to bring the offense an added dimension that it has never had. In essence to take some of the pressure off Flacco.

It would be the perfect place for Vick because he will have Reverend Ray protecting him in the media which cannot be understated.
Mark the tape Michael Vick will be a Baltimore Raven.

If he isn’t well just forget that I wrote this.