Ravens LB & Former Iraq Vet Tony Fein Arrested..Claims Racial Profiling – BlackSportsOnline
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Ravens LB & Former Iraq Vet Tony Fein Arrested..Claims Racial Profiling

Now I’m sure you’re wondering who is this guy? According to ESPN,

Fein attended Ole Miss and was signed as a free agent in June following a minicamp tryout. He is an Iraq veteran who served in the Army for more than three years before playing college ball. In two seasons at Ole Miss, he had 136 tackles (77 solo) in 24 games, according to the Ravens Web site.

He was at the Inner Harbor with a couple of his buddies when a security guard thought Fein was passing a gun to one of his buddies but it turned out to be a cell phone. There was a shooting at this place about a week ago so there was concern about safety for tourists who visit that area which was understandable.

When police questioned Fein, 27, he became belligerent and shoved the officer, Guglielmi said. Sgt. Joseph Donato was knocked to the ground and had an injured elbow, a police report said.

But Hobbs said it was the officer who was aggressive and that Fein didn’t shove him. He said police approached Fein because he was a black man wearing a sweat suit and hoodie.


According to the report, Donato loudly told Fein: “Stand up, turn around and keep your hands where I can see them.” Fein reacted by pushing Donato with one hand while turning around from the restaurant counter, police said.

Donato grabbed Fein by the sweat shirt, forced him to the ground and he and other officers handcuffed him, the report stated.

Fein was not injured, police said.

Police told the Baltimore Sun that the three identified men with Fein left the scene.

Look I wasn’t there, so I can’t comment whether he was a victim of racial profiling or not there are three sides to this story: Mr. Fein’s, the cops, and the truth. Personally as a minority myself, I just do what the cops say and move on. By acting out just makes it worse its sad but true everyone knows you can’t hit a police officer it doesn’t matter who you are. However if this is racial profiling the cops should be sanctioned for such. I must say this is an interesting story to set the table for tonight’s game against the Jets.