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We Shall Overcome…What Exactly??

The Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP and other civil right groups are scheduled to March tonight for Michael Vick.  What is the purpose and goal of the March?  There are much bigger social issues that the NAACP should be worried about. 

NAACP Mission Statement:
“The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination.”

The NAACP has been a great civil rights organization for over 100 years.  It has fought for many years against injustice.  But what injustice are they Marching on for Michael Vick?  I’ve read their mission statement over and over again and don’t see where the plight of Michael Vick fits.  Michael Vick did knowingly run a dog fighting ring for 5-6 years.  This wasn’t racial discrimination, this was a Man running an illegal operation.

Maybe if they had Marched when he was sentenced to almost 2 years in jail it would make sense.  It can definitely be debated that the punishment didn’t fit the crime.  But even that had little to do with racial injustice and more to do with a legal system that seems to value dogs over people.  A March emphasizing the outrage difference leveled at a person who killed dogs vs. the an everyday killing of an innocent child in an American city might garner some support.
Michael Vick did his time and has paid his debt to society for his crimes related to dog fighting.  But now Vick is out and back to work at the same profession before he went to jail.  If the NFL hadn’t allowed Vick to play then maybe the NAACP would have something to March over.  But it appears the NFL actually is doing all they can to help Michael Vick get back on the field.
Are they Marching because Michael Vick can’t drink Grey Goose at the airport?  And it’s not that he can’t have a drink because of any injustice.  He won’t get in trouble legally or with the NFL because he had a drink of the Goose.  But he is walking a tightrope of acceptance back into normal life and has to make better public judgements.  Vick can drink as much Goose or Henny as he wants in the comfort of his home or at a friends house.  It’s not fair that he is being judged harshly for things that everyone else does everyday, but he isn’t everyone else.

I may have fallen into the trap the NAACP set.  All the coverage the NAACP has received based on this March may have been what they were looking for.  Because there is no injustice to speak of here.  And I hope it accomplishes what the NAACP wants, because it definitely isn’t going to help Michael Vick.  Now if the NAACP wants to March about the Plaxico Burress sentence and the injustice of mandatory minimum sentences related to all crimes, then I’m there with them.