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Iverson finally signs with the Grizzlies


Veteran point guard Allen Iverson confirmed Wednesday in a message on Twitter that he has agreed to join the Memphis Grizzlies. Here are 3 reasons why this move makes sense.

  • Iverson coming off the bench is a great move.
  • I know that this statement can blow up right in my face if Iverson decides in his mind that he deserves to start over OJ Mayo or Rudy Gay, but here me out. Iverson will be able to come off the bench and shoot. I mean, really. How can you tell me this is not AI’s dream? AI can still get his shot off against the majority of starters in the NBA, but put him against back-ups and he can still average over 20 points per game.

  • This is still Allen Iverson
  • If anyone was going to get people to watch more of the Grizzlies on TV, they were not out there. Even if it is for one year, people will tune in to watch more games this year than last year. It gives the management a chance to show off the young talent that they have on the roster as a stepping stone for the future.

  • This is the Memphis Grizzlies
  • This is a team that has not averaged more than 25 wins in the past 3 years. Any publicity is good for them. This move actually makes them relevant. It does not make them a contender, but it does send a message to the fans and the city that the team is committed to trying to change the culture of the team.

    What say you?