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NFC East Preview

The NFC East used to be referred to as the toughest division in football not too long ago.  It’s still pretty competitive and tough to beat out the whole division, but it’s no longer the strongest division in football.  That said, it will be a fight every time these teams square off against each other.  It will be a two horse race in my opinion, and whoever wins more division games will have the edge.  All the teams got better this off-season to some degree.  We’ll keep this preview quick and dirty like my NFC West preview.  Each team has one thing in common more than the rest of the NFL teams and it’s that every quarterback in the division is under heavy pressure to perform and to prove themselves like never before.  Eli has a ring, and McNabb’s resume speaks for itself, but they too are under intense scrutiny; one for his contract and the other for not winning the big one yet.  Jason Cambell and Tony Romo are really playing for their future, the former much more than the latter.  Here’s my NFC East preview.

Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys Bills FootballThe Cowboys have been doing everything in their power to lose over the last decade, and they’ve succeeded wildly.  “America’s team” hasn’t been living up to their hype.  But a new wind is blowing through Dallas.  They feel drama free with the unceremonious cutting of T.O., and they look to be successful in their new luxury stadium.  The running game is solid, and Wade Phillips should know that he’s on the hot seat and needs to win at least 1 playoff game to keep his job.

The Good:

– No diva wide receiver to hog up Jerry Jones’ media spotlight.

– Brand new state-of-the art stadium to bring in more fans.

– Solid, potentially dominant RB tandem in Barber and Jones.

– No Jessica Simpson

The Bad:

– Tony Romo still doesn’t seem like he’s fully committed to doing all the little things.

– Weak defensive secondary

– Roy E. Williams needs to prove he can be a true #1, or Romo & Witten might make plays designed to keep the ball out of his hands.

– Brand new, high definition target practice for punters.

The Record:

Cowboys will go 8-8 this season, missing the playoffs (Unless some crazy things happen)

Washington Redskins

jason-campbellAcquiring Albert Haynesworth made a very good defense that much better.  They can stuff the run, and they can hold teams to very low scores.  Unfortunately for them, the offense isn’t quite as good.  Clinton Portis is their best player, but quickly developing a rep as injury prone.  Jim Zorn is on the hot seat and needs to win now.

The Good:

– Albert Haynesworth makes their defense more of a force.

– Jason Campbell has a definite chip on his shoulder from rumors of getting a new QB.

– Chris Cooley will keep his towel on in the locker room.

The Bad:

– Wide receivers are still undersized, though fast.

– Clinton Portis can’t seem to last the whole season, neither can Ladell Betts.

The Record:

The Skins will go 7-9, missing the playoffs.

Philadelphia Eagles

donovanmcnabbThe Eagles are doing a fine job of keeping themselves in controversy with the acquisition of Michael Vick.  On the surface, their offense is in complete disarray and their defense seems lost without long-time coordinator Jim Johnson (R.I.P.), and Brian Dawkins (Denver Broncos).  There is potential for distractions at QB, and even RB position.  I do believe Andy Reid is feeling some pressure to win now, as is Donovan McNabb.  But even the worst of his detractors would rather keep 5 over Reid if they had a choice.

The Good:

– More confidence in the receiving corps.  They have more than 1 good one for once.

– Potential of more big plays with more speed on the offense.

– Donovan McNabb is coming off his best statistical year, and has to prove himself again.

– A good compliment at RB for Westbrook in LeSean McCoy.

– The unknown factor of Michael Vick.

The Bad:

– Shaky offensive line that hasn’t played much together in camp or pre-season.

– Defense that seems to have no real identity or leader right now.

– Poor special teams coverage.

– Andy Reid is stubborn, and refuses to adapt his play calling during a game.

– McNabb can’t or won’t take matters into his own hands when Reid won’t adjust.

The Record:

The Eagles will either go 11-5 or 12-4, making the playoffs.

New York Giants

eliThe Giants are a team possessed right now.  The defense is the engine that makes that team go, and they are hungry for another ring.  Eli has to prove that he’s worth his fat new contract and that he made Plaxico Burress, not the other way around.  The talent is there, but can the rookie and relatively young receiving corps bail out Eli?

The Good:

– Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw can wear out a defense by themselves.

– Tom Coughlin has proven that he’s a great coach who can adapt and change.

– A defense that got even better with the return of Osi Umenyiora.

– Did I mention their defense is good??

The Bad:

– Eli still has to prove he can lead the team and drive them without Burress.

– Jacobs’ style of running leaves him open to injuries as last year proved.

– Very young, inexperienced corps of receivers.

– Eli tends to do his Brett Favre imitations at the wrong time of the season.

The Record:

The Giants will also either go 11-5 or 12-4, making the playoffs.

The team that holds the edge in division wins will take the division title.