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Robert Littal’s 3 Pieces & a Biscuit NFL Week 2 Review

The Leg- The return of Buddy Ryan

In the form of Rex Ryan his son and new coach of the Jets. I love coaches and players who talk big and then back it up on the field.

Rex Ryan is a breath of fresh air in a league of stuffy coaches. But he just isn’t blowing hot air, his team is backing up his bravado.

After stating he wasn’t brought in to “Kiss the Patriots Rings” the Jets went out and punched the Patriots right in the mouth.

I wish there was more coaches like him. The NFL would be better for it.

The Thigh- So which one is it about Tony Romo?

When Romo was slicing up the Bucs defense it was because he didn’t have to worry about getting the ball to Terrell Owens. When he stunk it up on Sunday Night what was the excuse then?

Here is the reality of the situation. The ability of Tony Romo has nothing to do with Terrell Owens. It has to do with Tony Romo. A great wide receiver can make a good Quarterback better, but a great quarterback can make an average wide receiver look great.

Tony Romo success or failure is all on Tony Romo not anyone else.

The Wing- Reverend Ray Lewis still has it.

4th and 2 with the game on the line and the Chargers driving for the winning score, deep in Ravens territory.

The Chargers run a counter play with the center and the guard pulling to the right.

Rev Ray times the play perfectly, shoots the hole and buries Darren Sproles for a two yard loss.

Beautifully done.

The Biscuit- Twitter beef

Kerry Rhodes vs. Rodney Harrison, some 10th string Redskin Linebacker vs. Redskin fan, Nick Barnett asking the Packers fan “tell me how my ass taste” & of course T.O. vs. Romo.

They should have never given these guys twitter. But you can follow me

The Drink- Fantasy Football Geeks rejoice

Crazy stats for the week if you had Matt Schaub, Chis Johnson, Andre Johnson, Drew Brees, Kevin Kolb, Vincent Jackson, Darren Sproles, Philip Rivers, Mario Manningham, Both Steve Smiths, Eli Manning, Dallas Clark or Frank Gore.

I love it.