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Slowly, but Surely, the NBA is coming back.

For the longest time, after the Labor Day      BBQs and long weekend, all it meant to me was according to somebody’s odd sense of style, we were no longer to wear white. The historical context behind that is rather odd to me, and well…I’m still here wearing my white J’s. But this year, after a summer that seemed to be so sportistically (made up word? definitely.) lonely, the post Labor Day looks really promising. And the most anticipating year in sports that I have been a part of in a very long time.

I know, I know. Why do I even dare bring up the NBA on the eve of a weekend that millions of people have been waiting for since, well…February. This weekend, which actually started with an absolute party last night, is dedicated indeed to the National Football League. With so many stories surrounding so many players and so many faces – new, familiar and one’s we thought we had said goodbye to – going to be on top of mind starting now up until, well…February again.

But soon, you have to realize that NBA training camps will be opening. And for the longest time, some things had been in limbo, in terms of where key players would end up (namely AI). And as a whole, things are still in limbo due to a referee lockout, but this season definitely has some goodness in store for us.

I took a short hiatus from writing to focus on a number of things. Whether it was the designer in me, the organizational build out of parts of BSO, or just working on personal projects, a big part of me missed the writing life, and the BSO aesthetic.

Next week, that changes. Next week, we’re talking hoops.