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Tila Tequila Speaks On Merriman via Twitter. I Have The Tweets

I hate to say this but it is only a matter of time that a “Random Tweet” is going to cause a lot of damage to someone’s career or someone’s life.

Tila Tequila who said she wouldn’t speak about her case against Shawne Merriman decided to bare her soul on Twitter this evening.

This is not the brightest legal move, but she had some interesting things to say, so before someone tells her to delete her page I decided it would be best that I kept them for public record. Just in case she decided to backtrack on some statements.

Here are the string of tweets from this evening:



There were more tweets that Tila deleted but I manage to keep before they were:


I don’t know who Tila Tequila lawyer is, but I hope he has a really good statement prepared for Tuesday because his client has backed herself in a corner.

She says Tuesday the truth will come out. A lot of people are calling her a liar. I have been around long enough to know not to make judgments into all the facts come out.

To be honest she is being dumb making these tweets about a legal situation, so as I stated before I will be waiting on Tuesday for the “truth” because someone is lying.


This is a “verified” Twitter account for Tila Tequila, but you never know who is writing.