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Dre Bly You Sir Are An Idiot..Gets Stripped While Showboating

I am pro-celebration. If you make a big play to help your team I could care less if they entire team does the “cupid shuffle” in the end zone.

I only have three rules when it comes to players celebrating.

1- Don’t celebrate if you are getting your butt kicked.

I witnessed Saint Louis Rams wide receiver Donnie Avery score a TD, brush off his teammate so he could do the “Stankey Leg”.

I must admit it was a good version of the Stankey Leg, but there are two real minor things that should be pointed out.

Avery plays for the Rams who are 0-5 and his score made it 31-10. Here is a hint, the Rams didn’t have the 31.

2- Don’t celebrate when you make a routine play.

Every week you see a player jump up from a 5 yard hitch play like they was just a part of the Immaculate reception part 2.

3- Don’t celebrate until you actually made it to the end zone.

Most people call this the “Desean Jackson rule” who famously drop the ball at the one yard line before going into a very bad end zone dance last year.

But in comparison to Dre Bly, Jackson would get a traffic ticket while Bly needs to sentence for life for murder.

Bly actually violated all three rules. First his team was down 35-10. Second he made a nice play, but it is a play he is expected to make & lastly I have to go to a new paragraph to explain.

Bly makes the INT at the 49ers 10 yard line. He is 90 yards away from the end zone with Roddy White chasing him. The same Roddy White who outran the entire 49ers secondary on a 90 yard TD reception, so you think Bly would understand that White is pretty fast.

At around the 49ers 25 yard line Bly decides to go “Deion Sanders” with the high step and hand behind the helmet.

Of course while trying to perfect his showboating routine, White tracks him down and strips of the ball.

All I could do is shake my head.

Here is my public service announcement to all NFL DBs:


You not even close to being Primetime, so stop being a biter and be original. At this point I am expecting to see one of these guys shooting a “Must Be The Money 2” The wannabe remix.

I said it in the title and I will say it again.