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The Curious Case of Dez Bryant

dez bryant

Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant has been ruled ineligible for violating an NCAA bylaw, the school announced Wednesday.

That’s the headline of the story found on ESPN.

The university announced Wednesday that Bryant “failed to openly disclose to the NCAA the full details of his interaction with a former NFL player not affiliated with OSU.”

That’s the bylaw that CNNSI said he broke.

Other details from the mainstream stories about the situation:

….was ruled ineligible after lying to the NCAA when he was asked if he had visited Deion Sanders’ home and had worked out with him.
• The NCAA interviewed Bryant before the season and also on Sept. 11, the day before a game against Houston, asking if he had visited Sanders’ home, if he had worked out with Sanders and also if he had had any interaction with agents.
• Bryant first met Sanders at a restaurant in Dallas and they exchanged phone numbers. Sanders sends Bryant inspirational text messages nearly every day, according to a person close to the situation.
So that’s what the mainstream sites are saying.

But here at BSO, it’s a must that we go a little deeper with our logic. I’m going to present some theories and information that may be controversial, accusatory, and perhaps wrong. As with anything though, there is a deeper story behind it.

First, let’s tackle Deion Sanders “Mentoring” Program. Deion has, as of late, mentored Devin Hester, Michael Crabtree, Noel Devine ( I will bring his name up later), and now his relationship with Dez Bryant. Devin Hester has had a relatively controversy free career at this point. Crabtree, who just signed with the 49ers yesterday, has not. Crabtree was holding out for more money, etc, etc. Deion can not make me believe that he couldn’t have convinced Crabtree to sign sooner, since that is his mentee. Furthermore, why didn’t the NFL Network, who employs Sanders, break the story of the Crabtree signing? Just something to consider.
In regards to Dez Bryant, I am all for Deion inspiring young athletes. Deion is one of the great Superstars (athletic ability, marketability) of our time. However, Deion knows the rules. From the outside looking in, he purposely negated those rules. Deion knows better. You can do the right thing, the wrong way.

Secondly, let’s tackle Agent Eugene Parker’s Roster. Eugene Parker represented Deion after his rookie contract and was able to get Sanders those lucrative contracts back in the day. Deion gave Parker his big break. Also included on this roster are Devin Hester, Crabtree, and players like Hines Ward, Larry Fitzgerald, Steven Jackson, and Tashard Choice…but the latter 4 aren’t the focus here. The same Devin Hester and Michael Crabtree, both Sanders’ mentees since they were in college.

Lastly, let’s start connecting some dots. So, Eugene Parker cannot legally have contact with these players until they file papers to enter the draft. So, Deion Sanders, the same Deion that made his career what is was, is now the middle man. He “mentors” the players. These players build that relationship with The Deion Sanders…Eugene Parker is within striking distance…Eugene’s rules are in black and white. Deion’s rules are a shade of platinum gray. Do you see where this is going?

dez bryant hurt

Now, I’m not saying that’s what has been happening, but it’s just something to think about.