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Video: Miles Austin Game Winning 60 Yard TD to Beat Chiefs

I believe this with all my heart. If you are a garbage team like the Chiefs who desperately are in need of a win and you just drove the length of the field for the tying TD. You have the crowd behind you and you have all the momentum you have to go for 2 and the win.

When I saw the Chiefs trot out the kicking team for the extra point I pointed out via twitter the Football Gods would punish them for playing not to lose as oppose to win.

That is why some teams are winners and others are losers. Until the Chiefs learn to “man up” they will continue to be in the loser brackets.

As far as the Cowboys as someone pointed out “a win is a win”, but lets be realistic the Cowboys celebrating beating a winless Chiefs team like they won the Super Bowl is just another sign that they are an average team at best.

Maybe if the Cowboys would invest more time in players like Austin who had the greatest day in Cowboy history for a receiver (think about that for a minute) and less time wasting money and draft picks on overrated players like Roy Williams they would start living up to the hype.

Congrats to Miles Austin who truly had a great day.