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Floyd Mayweather Interview: “I’ll Easily Beat Manny Pacquiao”

I will say this about Floyd, he makes some solid points in regards to Manny not answering the direct question if he wants to fight him or not and also that he is in a no win situation. If Manny wins the world will explode, but if Floyd wins unless it is in spectacular fashion people will say:

“He was suppose to win he is the bigger man”

With that being said the facts are he doesn’t have a lot of leverage. Manny’s reputation is solid especially within the media and boxing circles. Plus he is a very likable guy, with an interesting crew who goes up in weight and beats down some very good fighters (at a later a date I will break down if this reputation is really legit or more urban legend). Floyd reputation at this moment is of a very talented fighter who cherry picks his opponents while ducking others (I already covered this The Truth About Floyd Mayweather).

Unfortunately for Floyd that leaves him in a position where it is much more important for him to beat Manny than it is for Manny to beat Floyd.

To my understanding there is a 50/50 offer on the table where the winner would get a little bit extra. Floyd should take that offer. If he takes care of Manny he will clear 30 million (some saying 40-50 million) easy and at least silence a few of those critics.

There are people who think anywhere from 140-147 Manny is unbeatable, so it will be a step in cementing his own legacy if Floyd can put him down.

The fight is going to happen. It isn’t a matter of if, but when.