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Robert Littal’s 3 Piece & A Biscuit NFL Week 8 Review

On the menu this week who is the best of the NFC east, Vince Young and his IPod, Jake Delhomme and his goat & Good old Jamarcus and Brett in the Superbowl?.

The Thigh: Best team in the NFC East

We can eliminate the Bingo Redskins right off the bat. The Cowboys season has been saved by an undrafted wide receiver who somehow has made everyone on the team play up to their talents (sans: Roy Williams).

I said at the beginning of the year and nothing has change it is boom or bust for the Cowboys. Just making it to the playoffs is not enough, they have to make some noise in the playoffs. They have turned things around since shaky start, but the Cowboys starts haven’t been their problems it has been how they finished. I think we will know more after they face the Eagles.

Speaking of the Eagles I am still baffled how they lost to the Raiders, but beyond that they are simply loaded with young and explosive talent to the point do you even remember that Michael Vick is on the team. They are the team I believe has the best shot to run away with the division and have a legit Super Bowl shot. Unless of course Donovan McNabb starts choking up on the field.

The Giants on the other hand are going in the opposite direction. Surprisingly it is their defense that is failing them as they can’t seem to stop anyone. Eli is looking like Eli 06 and that isn’t a good look. They aren’t close to Bingo Redskins level, but it is getting pretty bad.

The Leg: Vince Young and his IPod

VY put down the IPod long enough to help lead the Titans to their first win of the season. I wouldn’t get too excited because it was much more Chris Johnson than VY that helped buried the Jaguars, but I will say this.

When VY plays the Titans normally win. It might be ugly, but he finds a way to get the “W”. If his head is on straight the Titans really need to think long and hard about do they want him to be their QB of the future. He is never going to have the flashy numbers of a Drew Brees, but does it matter if he is leading the team to the playoffs?

I have my reservations because I believe to be a consistent winner in the NFL you have to be able to read defenses and make plays from the pocket. I don’t know if VY will ever be able to do that, but I will be watching closely for the rest of the season.

The Wing: Jake Delhomme and his goat

You never want to see anyone get hurt, but when Jake went down at the end of the game against the Cardinals you could tell Panther fan was hoping that he was ok, but that he wouldn’t be able to play going forward.

At this point the only way the Panthers can win is if they revert to the 1995 Nebraska offense and I might be offended Tommy Frazier with that.

Jake threw 14 passes on against the Cardinals it maybe best going forward that he only throws five a game.

As far as his goat watch closely every time Jake throws and INT and tell me he doesn’t make the expression like someone just stole his goat.

The Biscuit: Jamarcus thinks everything cool

Jamarcus Russell stats from last week:

14-22 109 yards and 0 TDs 0 Ints

Jamarcus thought he did “well” with that production. Steve Phillips thought he was doing well by sleeping with a woman who looked like Kevin McHale in the face, but I digress.

The Drink: “God Favre”

Can you imagine if Brett Favre made it to the Super Bowl this year? Sit back and think of the media attention.