Shaquille O’Neal Pays For Funeral of Shaniya Davis.. *Clap For Him* – BlackSportsOnline
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Shaquille O’Neal Pays For Funeral of Shaniya Davis.. *Clap For Him*

Shaq has taken his share of PR hits over the past few years, but if you are going to report the bad you also must report the good.

If you aren’t aware of the case of Shaniya Davis here is a little background:

5-year-old North Carolina girl kidnapping and slaying received national news coverage.  The girl’s body was found Nov. 16 beside a rural road.

Her mother, Antionette Davis, is charged with human trafficking and child abuse involving prostitution. Mario McNeill is charged with murder, rape and kidnapping.

It is such a horrible and heartbreaking story I have ever heard of.

Having a 5 year old my daughter myself I can wrap my mind how anyone especially a parent could even do such a thing.

With the little girl’s mother in jail and the extended family having a hard time paying for funeral expenses, Shaq stepped up and paid for the funeral of the little girl.  The funeral was attended by around 2000 people.

Being that it is Thanksgiving that was a beautiful gesture by Shaq that should be highlighted and I pray in my heart the little Shaniya is in much better place.