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The Truth About Tiger Woods Accident..His Wife Elin Nordegren Caused It

This shouldn’t come as a shock since I have been hinting about it the whole evening on Twitter, but I knew as early as 5pm Friday that the story circulating about the accident was totally false and while only the police can confirm this (and that may or may not happen) here is what happened.

Tiger Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren was upset about a National Enquirer report that Tiger has been “Breaking Lamps” with this young lady Rachel Uchitel.

Because he is Tiger Woods besides some gossip sites it wasn’t much of a story.


This escalated into a fight last night where according to TMZ as well as my sources Mrs. Nordegren physically assaulted Tiger and that is what caused the original lacerations to his face.

As Tiger tried to leave the premises Mrs. Nordegren followed him out with a golf club and repeatedly struck his vehicle, denting it in several places and breaking out the rear window.

Tiger distracted by his crazed wife hit the fire hydrant and tree at a very slow rate of speed. Since the tree was in a neighbor’s yard and realizing the image hit he would take about the “domestic incident” the story of an accident was put in motion.

It would have been impossible for the following things to happen:

1- Mrs. Nordegren to hear the accident from inside the house

Tiger lives in a fortress and at the low rate of speed he was going it would have been impossible for her to hear him hit anything.

2- No one breaks out the back window to save someone.

He wasn’t going fast enough for the air bags to deploy, but he was in such serious danger Mrs. Nordegren who isn’t the biggest young lady in the world broke the back window and drugged Tiger out.

Also if you am trying to save someone wouldn’t you break the passenger window?

Lastly Tiger was conscious couldn’t have he just opened the door?

Anyone with an IQ of more than 60 knew from the beginning what was being reported just logically couldn’t be true.

3- If Tiger wasn’t passed out drunk or high what made him swerve?

Driving alone at low rate of speed Tiger just randomly hits a fire hydrant and tree? Really?

As I have stated I don’t care who Tiger Woods is sleeping with or that his wife was trying to go Phil Mickelson on his head.

What I do care about is a cover up of criminal activity. My advice to Tiger and his wife just tell the truth.

He isn’t going to press charges so no need to lie because believe me if he lies the story will become a lot bigger than it is right now.

Every man in America has had a fight like this with his wife or significant other. It isn’t a big deal. I know he is Tiger Woods and has this pristine image, but like Allen Iverson (before he retired of course) said:

“Everyone has dirt under their fingernails.”

If Tiger lies, people are going to find out and it will hurt his image much more than telling the truth. Trust me on that.


It is now being reported that Elin Nordegren has changed her story about “saving” Tiger by busting out the back window.

Also there was no blood found on Tiger’s steering wheel making it highly unlikely his bloody injuries came from the car crash.

Once again I will wait patiently and see if the cops do the right thing and charge Elin Nordegren with domestic violence.

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