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FBI Enters Marvin Harrison Case..GQ Backhanded Slap at Terrell Owens Sickening

You may have heard the buzz about a GQ Magazine featuring on Marvin Harrison.

I am not going to rehash the entire feature you can read it here, but it paints Harrison as the shooter in a April 29th incident where Harrison got into an argument outside of club Playmakers (Michael Irvin is not please) with Dwight Dixon.

Dixon as well as two others was hurt in the incident.  Even though Harrison’s gun was believed to be the weapon in the case he was never charged. The police believed they had enough evidence in the case the DA thought otherwise.

On July 21st 2009 Mr. Dixon was shot and eventually died from his wounds.  One gunman shot him while he was in his car.  Ironically he was just a few blocks from Car Wash Harrison owned.

Dixon before his death always claimed that it was Harrison who shot at him in the April incident.  Now the Philadelphia police have bought in the FBI to help them to see if the two shootings are linked according to ESPN.

A couple of things I want to point out.

First never judge a person’s character by what they do on the field of play.  Unless you personally know them, you don’t know them.

When I say you know them, that doesn’t mean you are a groupie that means you are in their inner circle.

Not saying Marvin Harrison is “Frank Lucas”, but I repeatedly heard the media prop him up as the person you would want your “kids to grow up like”.

That is very irresponsible journalism.  Make sure your preface that by saying “on the field”, because “off the field” you don’t know.

Speaking of irresponsible journalism while the GQ article as a whole is ok there is one part that is totally incorrigible on their part.

Read this quote:

“Marvin darnell harrison was not supposed to be this guy, the black athlete with a gun. Insecure, obnoxious, prone to acts of catharsis—that was Terrell Owens, Michael Vick. But Marvin?”

Besides trying to use big words like “catharsis” (which in layman terms means to act out emotionally) it directly implies that Terrell Owens and Michael Vick are to be seen as athletes who would are more prone to commit “attempted murder”.

The other seemed surprised that Harrison could commit such an act because of how he was “on the field”.  It is obvious the writer has been brainwashed into thinking if you do a Touchdown dance you are criminal and if you hand the ball to the ref you are a saint.

Before getting to Vick, let me speak about T.O. for a minute.

Terrell Owens has never been accused, charged or had a hint of criminal activity in his life.  The writer of the GQ article Jason Fagone seems to equate real life violence with football field emotions.  This is one of the most asinine assumptions I have ever heard from a so called “real journalist”.

Go back and watch the wild card game last week between the Cardinals and Packers.  From the 1st play Kurt Warner is yelling at everyone, should I automatically now consider that Warner is going to start busting caps?

And before you say:

“T.O. has a history.”

The only history has is of his on the field incidents being played out in the media more than your average player.  His emotions and actions aren’t that much different than any other player it is just that he draws so much attention that anything he does is magnified.

To the casual reader it paints T.O. being some sort of thug and/or criminal which is 100% wrong.

As for Vick yes he is a criminal, but once again what does Dog Fighting have to do with trying to murder someone?

Why does it have to be the “Black Athlete with a gun”?  Last time I check white athletes can carry guns too.

It was just a lazy job of journalism by Mr. Fagone and I hope someone calls him on it because he is just perpetuated a media stereotype that the black guy who talks a lot must be some sort of thug or criminal and the one who doesn’t talk is the “good black guy”.

The world doesn’t work like Mr. Fagone.