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The NFL Pro Bowl = Semi-Pro Bowl

I can say safely playing the Pro Bowl a week before the Super Bowl has been a disaster.

I understood what the NFL was trying to do.   The Super Bowl is the finale of the NFL season and to be honest after covering the NFL for four months I am totally exhausted, so the last thing I care about is an All-Star game after the season.

By moving it the week before for football junkies who need something to bridge the gap between the conference championships and Super Bowl it makes perfect sense.

The game will probably get decent ratings, but there is one major problem the NFL either just ignored or didn’t realize.

The Pro Bowl is no longer the Pro Bowl.

It is The “Whoever we can find cause all the real Pro Bowlers are either hurt, don’t want to play or are in the Super Bowl” Bowl.

Vince Young as an AFC QB?

I like VY, but he played 10 games.

There have been more replacements than any Pro Bowl in history with more coming.

Also it appears the NFL forgot that it is likely that the Super Bowl teams might have a lot of “Pro Bowl” players on them being they made the Super Bowl and all.

The fact of the matter is the Pro Bowl will never be as big as the NBA All-Star Game or MLB All-Star Game and that is ok.

I’ll watch the Semi-Pro Bowl I have nothing else better to do.


New episode of the Cleveland Show, sorry guys I will have to check for you next year when hopefully you are back in Hawaii.