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When Keeping it Twitter Goes Wrong feat: Gilbert Arenas

All jokes aside I think Arenas needs a full mental evaluation. He has always been a bit of a strange dude, but there is a big difference between being unique like Ron Artest and needed some real help.

Just the fact that he had guns in the arena and may have pulled one out of his teammate sounds like he is crying out for help.

Also the fact that the world knows that his fiancee’ was breaking lamps with Shaquille O’Neal probably doesn’t help his mental stability right now.

Of course when someone is having a breakdown they don’t go to the doctor they go to Twitter. So I will provide you with some very odd tweets from Arenas from this afternoon.

Once again I beg athletes not to air their dirty laundry on Twitter. I have yet to see anything good come out of it.

Entertainers can get away with it because they are attention whores and normally work more or less for themselves. Drama is good for their career (unless you are Chris Brown).

But athletes totally different, just think about. When T.I. got out of prison it was like a national holiday. When Michael Vick got out of prison he had to beg and plead to just get reinstated.

Is it a double standard?

Of course, but you have to deal with the reality of the situation. Arenas and others will learn the hard way that Twitter is just not the place for this.

But you check out the tweets and make the call.