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5 Reasons The Indianapolis Colts Win Super Bowl 44

Honestly I knew who was going to win the game as soon the Saints beat the Vikings it was totally obvious to me anyway, but since most of you think I am just running around Miami chasing nohos and I figured I can at least give you a detail breakdown of why the Colts will win.

1- Peyton Manning is in a Neo Matrix zone

When the Colts won the Super Bowl in 2006 a lot of people forget that Manning did not have a great postseason (the running game and defense played out of their minds) and had a decent Super Bowl. Of course he made plays when he needed to, but that was the definition of a “team super bowl win”.

This year though, Manning is balling. He simply destroyed two of the best defenses in the league.

What is most impressive to me is that Manning is doing it with Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie as the leading receivers in the playoffs. A great QB makes ok receivers good, good receivers great and great receivers legendary. That describes Manning to a tee.

History is on his side with this one.

2- The Saints Offensive is not what you think it is.

The mainstream media wants you to believe the Saints are an offensive juggernaut and they were up to the last three weeks of the season.

Eliminate the game against the Cardinals who me and 10 kids from my daughter’s kindergarten class could score 30 on and what I saw was an offense that was struggling.

Even against the Vikings they were aided by 400 turnovers, but if you really watch the game you know the Vikings were shutting them down in 2nd half. They won’t win a shoot out with Colts.

3- Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre aren’t playing.

The only reason the Vikings aren’t in the Super Bowl is because Adrian Peterson (and others) fumble the ball 7263352 times and Favre went Favre circa 2007.

The Colts are a team of precision and make minimal mistakes.

No gifts will be given to the Saints.

4- Colts D is underrated & Saints D is overrated

The Saints D is built off turnovers, take away the turnovers (as I predict will happen) and the Saints D is a off brand version of the Cardinals D.

The Colts D is nothing fancy, but if you look over the entire year they have been solid and many times kept the Colts in games while the offensive took time to adjust.

I predict the Colts D will outplay the Saints D.

5- The Football Gods will punish the Saints with the Curse of Kardashian

Is there anyone who seems more out of place in New Orleans than Kim Kardashian?

But she will be front and center during Super Bowl and while the Football Gods have overlooked this for awhile it will be time to put down the hammer on the Saints.

No way the Football Gods allow a Kardashian within 1000 feet of the Lombardi Trophy.

Remember I predicted a Colts vs. Saints Super Bowl before the Season. I picked the Colts to win in August and I am picking them in February.

Indianapolis Colts: 34
New Orleans Saints: 21