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Breaking News: Sixers Considering Cutting Ties With Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson missed the All-Star game because of a illness to his daughter, but now the Philadelphia 76ers are considering cutting ties with A.I. all together.

He will not be permitted to travel with the team as they begin a West Coast road trip on Tuesday and according to this article Iverson may have played his last game in a Sixers uniform:

Iverson is with his family to deal with medical issues concerning his daughter, but his constant in-and-out of the lineup this season has led team officials to believe a permanent break is best for the organization. Sources said Iverson went to team officials over the weekend and said he needed to leave the team again.

Sources say Sixers coach Eddie Jordan addressed the players on Sunday, and told them there’s a chance Iverson may not return to the team. However, Sixers ownership, general manager Ed Stefanski and Jordan haven’t sat down and formally come to that decision, but sources with knowledge of the Sixers plans believe the franchise is leaning in that direction.

Once again if this is truly the end it would be a sad way for such a great player to go out. 

There has to be more to the story and I think I know what it is, so I am going to put on my detective hat on and find out more details.

Because if this is because he wants to spend time with his ill daughter then it is weak on the Sixers part because family should always come first.

If it is something else we will find out.


According to ESPN Iverson is on indefinite leave:

Sixers president Ed Stefanski says it was in the best interest of the team and Iverson to allow him time with his family to deal with a “very serious issue.”