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BSO Super Bowl Coverage: Interview With Chargers WR Vincent Jackson

Vincent Jackson of the San Diego Chargers is one of the most underrated wide receivers in the game so it was my pleasure to talk to him for our on going BSO Super Bowl coverage.

Jackson was at the Gatorade Performance Lab testing some new products for Gatorade:

RL: Tell us what you are doing with Gatorade?

VJ: Doing some testing for their new “G” Series.  The “G” Series is all about getting your body prepared before, during and after the game.  They had me hooked up to a lot of machines, doing a lot of tests.  I already have worked up a pretty good sweat.  It is all real time monitoring, so you can see the results as they are happening.

RL: There is no real off season in the NFL anymore?  You are working our year around?

VJ: I might take a month or two off to let me body recover, but then right back at it.

RL: I have said many times I think you are one of the most underrated wide receivers in the NFL.  Do you see yourself as hitting your prime now?

VJ: Similar to a lot of receivers it took me about three years to really understand how to play the position.  It is very different than college ball.  This being my 5th year I really started to hit my stride.  But I have a lot room for improvement and I am going to try to keep getting better.  The goal is not to be one of the best, but the best receiver in the game.  That is what I am always striving for.

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RL: The Chargers are considered one of the elite teams in the league.  A Super Bowl appearance is expected what do you feel the team needs to do to get over that hump?

VJ: We have to be more consistent.  Either we have slow starts and good finishes or vice versa.  I thought we were playing our best ball at the end of the year, but then we did not play a good game against the Jets.

We have a Super Bowl caliber team.  We just need to be more consistent to take that next step.  We have the right people in place and I feel that is going to happen.

RL: How is it playing with Philip Rivers?  He is a lightening rod for being so emotional.

VJ: I love Philip Rivers.  I like the fact he is a fiery competitor and wears his emotions on his sleeve.  He is just trying to motivate his team and that is what you want out of your leader.  I think he is misunderstood.  He is a great guy, but he likes to talk trash and have fun, but no one works harder or respects the game more.

RL: The media likes to label receivers as “Divas”, but you have the opposite personality.  Do you think that hurts you in regards to getting more recognition from the casual fan?

VJ: On the field I am as emotional as anyone else, but off the field I am very laid back and that is my personality.  I am not going to portray someone that I am not just because the cameras are there.  I would never do anything to embarrass myself, the league, the Chargers or my family.  I am not about drawing attention to myself.  I let my play on the field do the talking and if that hurts my popularity a bit I am fine with that.

RL:  Everyone wants to know what is going to happen with Ladainian Tomlinson.  Do you think he still has something left in the tank?

VJ: I think LT gets a bad rap because we went from being a power running team to more of a vertical passing team.  I see him in practice everyday and he still has that burst, he still has that explosion and he has a lot in the tank.

It has been an honor to play with one of the greatest running backs of all time.  I know he wants to stay in San Diego, but whatever he goes I think he has a few good years left.

RL:  Finally what do you think will be the main keys in the Super Bowl?

VJ: I think the defenses of both teams are underrated, so whatever defense plays better and slows down the other team offense will win.  I think it is going to come down to whoever has the ball last and maybe a field goal attempt to win it.

RL: You don’t really want to talk about kickers?

VJ (laughing): You right about that.


Check out the video of Vincent Jackson working out at the Gatorade Lab