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Cleveland Cavaliers + Man About To Lose Girlfriend = Full Panic Mode

Way before I was the Dean of NoHology I was a bit naïve in matters of the heart. 

Whereas now I go by the philosophy of if a woman doesn’t want you that is her lost not yours, back when I was a younger Robert Littal I didn’t quite feel the same way.

I had this girlfriend one who was a 10 and at that time I was like a 6, so I was way in over my head with her.

At one point of the relationship she uttered the phrase:

“I like you, but you are going to need to upgrade yourself if we are going to stay in this relationship.”

I was 17 years old and I panicked so I started to act irrationally because I wanted to keep her.  I bought some fake diamond chains, some flea market gear, started drinking and basically started acting like I thought she wanted me to act.

Alas, she still left me for a guy not because of anything I didn’t or did do but because he had a car and I still had to beg my mom to borrow the Geo Storm.

What does this have to do with the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Lebron is that 10 who suggested if they don’t upgrade he is going to leave and the Cavs are in full panic mode.  They have been in panic mode since the Magic disposed of them in the playoffs.

First they bought in the “Old” Superman Shaquille O’Neal and now they are attempting to trade for the entire NBA.

The interesting thing is whatever they do, it really doesn’t matter because until they get their own car this year (NBA Title) Lebron more than likely going to leave.

The last team that tried to “buy” a championship was the 2004 Los Angeles Lakers and they came up short.  Just adding star players doesn’t guarantee a championship.

Is Lebron great enough to take a mix bag of players and turn it into a Championship? 

 That is yet to be determined, but the Cavs are feeling the pressure of losing their “girlfriend” so they are throwing caution to the wind.

I understand why they are doing it because if Lebron leaves Cleveland they won’t recover.  The devastation of Lebron leaving would cripple the franchise.

They still need to be smart about it.

If they put everything into this year, fail and Lebron leaves the franchise just won’t be crippled it will be dead.  Buried with a bunch of fake diamond chains.

As for me, well I did recover.  You do see me with Miss America right? *wink*