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The Lakers Better Without Kobe? Smarten Up Nas

Every once and awhile I have to lay the smackdown (kudos to the Rock) on people making crazy statements. 

While I was at the airport late Monday night the Lakers were beating down the Spurs without Kobe Bryant and I overheard:

“Honestly I think they are a better team without Kobe.”

I paused and decided to listen to more of the conversation:

“He is a ball hog, he shoots too much I am telling you think could win the NBA Finals without him.”

When I finally got back home and starting to see what was the chatter on the various NBA sites and forums I found out that more and more people were saying the same thing.

Which leads me to believe they are smoking that good crack like what Whitney Houston use to get (she gave Bobby the bad stuff).

Yes the Lakers are an excellent team without Kobe, but I will tell you why people want to believe the Lakers are better without him:


So instead of saying silly things like the Lakers are better without him, just be true to yourself and say you just want him to fail.

There isn’t much to be critical about Darth Kobe these days, so now people are grasping at straws and to be honest it is pretty pathetic.

The year after Michael Jordan retired (his first retirement) the Bulls won 55 games, but that doesn’t mean they were better without Jordan.  Same goes for the Lakers I truly believe they could win 50-55 games without Kobe, but what makes Kobe, MJ, Bird, Magic and others different than the rest is they are “serial killers” and that is what you need to win championships.

It is ok I understand there isn’t a lot of middle ground in regards to Kobe, but stop making yourself look foolish in the airport.