Video: Dwight Howard’s Baby Momma Royce Reed “Goes Low” For Ludacris & T.O. – BlackSportsOnline
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Video: Dwight Howard’s Baby Momma Royce Reed “Goes Low” For Ludacris & T.O.

So while I while I was experiencing heavy turbulence on my way to Miami last night it looks like I missed one party I definitely needed to be at.

Terrell Owens and Ludracris was throwing a Super Bowl party at the Fontainebleau on South Beach and decided to give away some tickets (more on the tickets later) to the lady who could “Go The Lowest”.

No big deal right? This stuff happens all the time.

What made this a little different was the young lady that was getting low was Dwight Howard’s Baby Momma Royce Reed. Peep the video she is in the black:

I have to admit the young lady has skills.

Our friend Sports by Brooks (credit for the pic) received confirmation that it was indeed Miss Reed. Thanks to for coming up with the video.

Far be it from me to speak on how dropping like its hot speaks to your character, but I do have one issue. When I heard they were dancing for “tickets” I assumed it was Super Bowl tickets, but noooooooooooooo they were dancing for:


In the immortal words of me (stolen from The Rock):


If you going to get low, get low for some value not some Clipper tickets that is like stripping for homeless people.

Doesn’t make common sense. Step your “low” game up Miss Reed.