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Michael Jordan The Player? The Greatest..The GM? Awful..The Owner? TBA

Michael Jordan will take control of the Charlotte Bobcats at the end of the month once David Stern approves the transfer of ownership from Bob Johnson.

The question begs what type of owner will Jordan be?

As a player Michael Jordan is the consensus greatest player of all time.  As the years go by his legend actually gets bigger (most people have already forgot those two years with the Wizards).

Once Jordan retired he became the person in charge of personnel first with the Wizards and now the Bobcats.  To be frank he is a awful talent evaluator.  One of the reasons the Bulls were successful was because Jordan the player while great, stayed for the most part out of personnel decisions.

Now Jordan has a different challenge.  He doesn’t have a boss anymore, he will be the boss of bosses for the Bobcats.  The same Bobcats who last week confirmed a riff in the locker room by quoting a stripper (I am not making that up).

Jordan hiring Larry Brown was a good thing, but once again some of the draft picks, trades and personnel decisions have been suspect at best.

Will Jordan put in more time as an owner than he did as the president of the franchise or will we have to get our news from the Bobcats’ jumpoffs?

Only time will tell and it will be interesting to watch.