Mindy McCready on Roger Clemens: “Lot of Problems Due to His Erectile Dysfunction” – BlackSportsOnline
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Mindy McCready on Roger Clemens: “Lot of Problems Due to His Erectile Dysfunction”

Roger Clemens had an affair with country music star Mindy McCready that was pretty common knowledge.

Because his name wasn’t Tiger Woods no one really cared, but McCready has come out according to the NY Daily News with some interesting accusations against Clemens.

You can’t have a good sex scandal without a sex tape. McCready is planning on releasing a sex tape next month she made with a former boyfriend named Peter (I am totally serious you cannot make this stuff up).

In the tape McCready makes some claims about Clemens’ “peter”. Here is what she says:

In the tape, McCready reportedly claims that Clemens was “good in bed,” but also experienced “a lot of problems” due to erectile dysfunction. But McCready saves some high heat for Clemens, comparing his bedroom skills with that of ex-fiancé Dean Cain — who starred as Superman on the hit TV show “Lois & Clark.” According to the Fox News report, McCready says on the tape that Cain was the superior lover.

I don’t think anyone expected Clemens to compete with Superman did they?

Especially since he was on the juice and we hear that can hurt your performance on the mound per se.

*Please Hold*

(This is just really funny to me the whole Dean Cain thing, I’m ok now.)

I do advise that you take McCready claims with a grain of salt since she was just on the latest season of Celebrity Rehab.  She could have been high at the time the tape was made.

The one part of the affair I never understood was that McCready was 15 years old when they met. McCready claims they “stay together” the first night, but didn’t have sex with each other until years after that.

Something always felt creepy about that. I might have to consult with R Kelly to see if that makes sense or not.