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Pics: The Chick Reggie Bush Left Kim Kardashian For? January Gessert

99.9% of athletes are cheating.

If Reggie Bush was cheating on Kim Kardashian who cares, she was probably cheating on him to with Shaq or someone.

But Reggie, big homie if you are going to cheat:


That is all I ask.  Don’t go from this:

to this:

You better than that.  You are a Super Bowl champion.  Don’t go from Drew Brees to Jake Delhomme. She is a waitress man, didn’t anyone learn anything from Tiger?

Here are the silly details of this story (we just playing with Reggie, do you thing young fella just make sure you wrap it up):

Following his recent breakup with Kim Kardashian, Reggie Bush’s secret rendezvous with January Gessert has been called into question. Was Reggie cheating?

The mystery gal ignited his split with Kim, The National Enquirer reports, after “catching him red-handed with a hand in the blonde cookie jar.” Nice wordplay.

As we reported yesterday, Bush totally spent the night with a hot-looking blonde waitress, verified by two photos appearing in the Enquirer.

Reggie’s sleepover is only the latest incident in an ongoing cheating scandal, and pals say it’s sure to torpedo his romance with the reality TV beauty for good.

The publication claims Reggie “had an elaborate system to hide his two-timing, including using multiple cell phones.” It also claims this “reduced Kim to tears.”