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Pictures Anshonae Mills, Santonio Holmes Accuser .. BlackPlanet Photos

My views on civil cases are clear.  If you don’t press criminal charges it very hard for me to take your claims seriously.  As more information has surfaced it is clear to me that Anshonae Mills has one thing in mind and that is a quick pay day.  Which is sad and a bad example for young women who think they can just sue an athlete just because he is an athlete.

If you read my previous article then you know that I believe she is a gold digger and she should be called out on her gold digging actions.

Here is how she described herself on BlackPlanet:

‘Here’s a little information about Anshonae Ashley. Im very optimistic and love to try new things. My favorite food is spaghetti. I love animals. I love to laugh…its good for the soul. I love to eat, but hate to gain weight. I am originally from Jacksonville, but I live in Orlando for school. I attend the University of Central Florida. Im majoring in Forensic Science with a minor in Chemistry. I have two beautiful poodles. I dont want to grow up. Im an adrenaline junky. My personality is contagious. I never stop smiling. I laugh when no one is laughing. I hate being called Ann or Shonae. Im not usually a b*tch, but i can be. Nothing annoys me more than lame people. So if you are lame…please..go to another page. I love money. I love to live. I love to love. I’d love being done with this sh*t!…so if you want to know more about me (bullsh*t aside) ask! Oh and one more thing…if you don’t have anything to offer me….save me the time and don’t send me any messages. If you can’t handle that…you probably can’t handle this!!!’

Obviously she can’t handle her liquor or she wouldn’t have been falling all over herself at the club.  Very sad.