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Pimpin Bill Clinton Had “Phone Chat” With Tiger Woods..Bout Time

Since Tiger isn’t taking my calls having Pimpin Bill call is the 2nd best person he needs to be listening to, but before I get to Tiger let me share with you a Bill Clinton story I know you will enjoy.

When I was at The Ohio State University, Pimpin Bill came to visit.  At the time I was dating one of the most beautiful young ladies on campus (come on I am Robert Littal).

Pimpin Bill was signing autographs and encouraging people to vote.  My girlfriend and I were in line and I spoke to Pimpin Bill first.  He gave me some encouragement and signed a photo for me.

When my girlfriend started to talk to Pimpin Bill he seemed a lot more interested in her than he was in me, but I wasn’t really paying attention.  After she talk to him she ran over to me and said the follow:

“Robert, Bill Clinton gave me this card and on the back of it has an address and a room number.  He said I should stop by they are having a special party just for a few of the students on campus.”

I thought it was a joke until we realized that he had gave the same card to a  few women in line. Mostly the prettier black women and that is when it hit me.

Bill Clinton had just propositioned my woman.

My girlfriend didn’t go, but alledgly a couple of girls on campus went, but would never say exactly what happened.  The sad thing is my girlfriend was upset because I wanted her to go.  Look if Bill Clinton wants my woman it must mean I am doing something right.

What does that have to do with Tiger Woods?  Absolutely nothing, but I have wanted to tell that story in print for a long time.  Here is what People Magazine had to say about phone call:

Bill Clinton offered his support to Tiger Woods in a phone call with the embattled golf star, a spokesman for the former president confirms.

“President Clinton spoke with Tiger and wished him well,” Matt McKenna tells PEOPLE confirming a report in Golf Digest

It wasn’t clear when the former president spoke with Woods or how the phone call came about. But Clinton, who has navigated his own infidelity scandals, offered words of encouragement to the golfer, who is reportedly in an Arizona rehab facility for therapy. that the two had spoken.

Pimpin Bill who had women giving him “Brainiac” in the Oval Office will always be a hero of mine.  Anytime you can get caught red handed (or blue dress handed) cheating and look right in the camera and say:

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

And have people “JamarcusShrug” it, that is pimpin, pimpin.

Forget rehab Tiger just hang out with Clinton smoke some of the Michael Phelps and everything will be all good.