PSA: Athletes Stop Sending Naked Pics To NoHos..See Heat Guard Dorell Wright – BlackSportsOnline
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PSA: Athletes Stop Sending Naked Pics To NoHos..See Heat Guard Dorell Wright

When Greg Oden got caught up a couple of months I pretty much ignored it, because to be honest I didn’t care.  If Oden wants to show his “package” to the ladies that is his business.

But then I started to think about how the game is getting twisted.

So if you don’t mind I am going to put on my Dean of Nohology hat for a minute and school not just athletes, but men in general.

As men we are suppose to be collecting the pics not the other way around.  I am all for reciprocation, but if you are sending a picture a couple of things better be happening:

A- You are getting some back

B- You are hiding your face for plausible deniability

C- You are not sending the pic to Kat Stacks or a Kat Stacks fan

D- Your girl isn’t on Twitter, Facebook or Myspace.

Miami Heat guard Dorrell Wright failed on all counts.

First Wright’s girlfriend is on twitter and this is what she had to say:

@MiO_MyO No 1 can inform me about my man, my fam, my friends. The relationship I have wit ANY individual is our personal business period.

Of course one of Wright’s twitter boos or whatever decided she didn’t like that and responded with this (had to clean the verbiage up a bit):

@mrzanonymouz well how bout I just informed everyone about the 5 inches of c*** you put into your mouth and v***** everynight @mio_myo

This led to a picture of Wright getting his Oden on.  I didn’t see the picture, because well that is obvious, but I had one of the female BSO staffers take a look to confirm which she did.  Open at your own risk.

NSFW Dorrell Wright Greg Oden Style Pic

You would think these guys would learn that as celebrities they are targets and should be more careful who they are getting there cam on with.

As Jay Z said:

“You don’t want to be the next contestant on that Summer Jam screen.”

Lets throw in a “Smarten up Nas” just for extra effect.

Just be more cautious and discreet.  You want your freak escapades to be in private not the new Kat Stacks blog.