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Should Ben Roethlisberger Submit to a DNA Test? You Make The Call

The day the story broke about Ben Roethlisberger being accused of sexual assault his agent said he would be fully cooperative with the police.

Once Roethlisberger hired high price lawyer Ed Garland, Garland said that Roethlisberger was completely innocent and the evidence would bear that out.

The Milledgeville Police when they had a press conference said they expected not to have any issues interviewing Roethlisberger and getting a DNA sample from him.

Since then of course Roethlisberger has not agreed to be interviewed and he has denied a request for a DNA sample on the advice of his attorney.

Our friends at have learned according to Georgia Law that the police can not force Roethlisberger to submit a DNA sample unless a warrant is executed for it.

The question begs if you are Roethlisberger should you volunteer that DNA sample?

We are suppose to be in an innocent until proven guilty society, but the reality in high profile cases like this, a lot of times it is guilty until proven innocent.

Public opinion is not in Roethlisberger favor, based off this is the second time he has been accused of a sexual assault in less than two years.

Is Roethlisberger making the proper call by basically closing down ranks and going into hiding?  One thing I find interesting is when he was first accused he immediately called a press conference to deny the claims.  You saw his face, you saw him proclaiming his innocence.  This time he has been a ghost.

My personal opinion just from a legal standpoint he is doing the correct thing.  You don’t want to self incriminate yourself especially if you are guilty.  His initial statement to police leads me to believe that his attorneys have instructed him not to speak to anyone.  From a public perception standpoint his stance is causing people to believe he is guilty.

I am curious to know what you think.  If you are in Roethlisberger’s shoes what would you do?