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Video of Alleged Ben Roethlisberger Incident Erased..Hmmmmm

As the sexual assault case of Ben Roethlisberger starts to crumble here is another interesting nugget that could be another death blow.

Police viewed video from the club that the alleged incident took place.  When the police went back to seize the video it had been mysteriously erased here are the details:

Carl Cansino, the attorney for the Capital City nightclub in Milledgeville, Ga., said that he learned Thursday there is no remaining video. It was recorded over after detectives and the club’s manager, Rocky Duncan, had watched it.

Cansino said that Milledgeville detectives tried to retrieve the video after it was recorded over, but were unable to. A Georgia Bureau of Investigations forensics team tried to retrieve it as well, but was also unsuccessful.

Cansino said the GBI told him Thursday that nothing on the tape is available at the present time.

Earlier Thursday, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review also reported that — according to Cansino — the GBI was unable to retrieve the footage as potential evidence.

I truly believe the case is done because the accuser doesn’t want to talk and the police seems to have a problem collecting evidence. They should have seized that tape immediately or specifically told the club owner not to do anything with it.

The video did not show the incident when it took place, but it did show the accuser’s demeanor before the incident and afterward. What we have learned from the Warren Sapp’s case is that demeanor can be crucial to see if she is telling the truth or not.

I am curious why the club owner though would “tape over” something they knew was important to the investigation. I will let you speculate on that on your on.