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Did LeBron James Pull A Paul Pierce or Is His Elbow Really Hurt?

X-Rays – Negative

MRI – Negative

Dunking on everyone in sight and taking player’s manhood – Check

Averaging almost a triple double in Round 1 of playoffs – Check

Shooting a perfect free throw – Check

These all describe LeBron James before he oddly threw up a Bo Kimble-style left handed free throw in last night’s Cavs close-out victory over the Bulls, so what is really going on here?

Do I think LeBron is lying?  Of course not, but I do think he is overexaggerating the extent of the injury – which he has a history of doing.  He is a bit of a diva and he has a little Paul Pierce in him.  This is much ado about nothing.  He is a bit dinged up, no different than any other player in the league right now.

Unfortunately, because he has made a big deal about it the media will make a big deal about, so for the entire Celtics series we have to hear how LeBron is miraculously carrying the Cavs with just one arm.

You are going to think he was the guy Dr. Richard Kimble was trying to find in The Fugitive.

If any basketball player’s shooting elbow is truly injured, they can’t play; I have no doubts LeBron will play and play at a very high level.

This is a non-story that LeBron has made into a story by taking a left-handed free throw that was unneccessary and just reeks of, “Look at me, look what I can do while I am in such pain.

There are very few negatives in regard to LeBron, but this is definitely one of them.  Athletes don’t talk about being hurt unless they are truly injured.  If you can play then you are healthy, point blank, period.  Stop trying to get into the Vince Carter School of Fake Injures and just play ball.

On a side note, I do like the letterman’s sweater.