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Gus Johnson New Voice of Madden 11? Wow, Just… Wow

As we reported before anyone else, Drew Brees is the official cover boy for Madden 11 (sorry, Saints fans) but this may be an even bigger scoop.  While watching the official video confirming Brees’ cover, a familiar voice comes on at the end…

The Greatness That Is Gus Johnson.

When I heard it, I was like Tim Tebow at a baptism I was so excited.  The Madden franchise has been so-so at best the last few years.  The commentary has been awful – to the point many mute it and play their own music in the background. If this is true and Gus Johnson is the new voice of the game, we all need to rejoice.

While CBS seems determined to put Gus on the worst games possible, with Madden 11 we can have as much Gus as we want (until the girlfriends and wives force us to turn off the game).

If I needed motivation to purchase the game (which I have purchased 21 years in a row), I certainly have it now.  Please EA, make this happen by any means necessary.

Can you imagine Gus’ reaction if this happened on Madden?  I know I can.