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Santonio Holmes Accuser Anshonae Mills Now Wants To Press Charges

Here is my theory on what is going on with Anshonae Mills.

I believe Santonio Holmes version of events. That she was a bit tipsy and when Holmes didn’t accept her advances she got belligerent and someone in Holmes’ crew, not Holmes himself threw a drink at her.

I believe the cops when they say, when asked if she wanted to press charges initially she declined because she was still swooning over Holmes.

What happened after that is someone got in her ear, told her should could make a quick buck and that is when the Civil lawsuit came out.

Being naive, she thought everyone would paint her as the victim, but as the details emergerd people quickly recognized what was going on, which was money grab by a groupie.

She read BSO and saw how most people don’t take you seriously if you don’t press criminal charges and now according to she wants to act like something criminal took place.  Here are the details:

“Ms. Mills came to the Orlando Police Department yesterday and wants to prosecute, and the case has been reactivated,” Jones wrote Thursday.

Holmes’ attorney maintained Thursday his client had not assaulted Mills, the Post-Gazette reported, and said a private investigator was working to help on their defense of the case.

“We adamantly deny her allegations in that complaint,” attorney Adam B. Swickle said, according to the report. “We do plan on contesting everything.”

When athletes do bad things I believe they should be prosecuted especially if it has to do with abuse of a woman, but this particular accuser has changed her story several times. Sh has changed her mind if she wants to press charges several times and from all accounts just seems to be a young woman trying to get her 15 minutes of fame TigerStyle.

Hopefully people will recognize that and not put Holmes in the same bucket with Ben Roethlisberger.