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Tiki Barber Shacking Up With Mistress While Pregnant Wife in Hospital

Here’s a news flash:

Tiki Barber is not a nice guy.

While his wife was ordered on bed rest in an NYC hospital, Tiki was out and about with his mistress, intern Traci Lynn Johnson.  The NY Post has the details:

The ex-Giants star was slapped with divorce papers over his shameless gallivanting with 23-year-old former NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson.

“He couldn’t be more heartless,” said a friend of the gridiron great and his eight-months-pregnant wife, Ginny, whose Manhattan divorce suit cites tricky Tiki’s “adultery.”

“[Ginny] is very heavily pregnant and was last week ordered into the hospital on bed rest,” the friend said.

“Meanwhile, Tiki has been spotted all over town with his new girlfriend while she was in the hospital.

Barber had been working as a correspondent for NBC Sports and the “Today” show until he was benched by 30 Rock brass after The Post reported on his dalliance.

Sources have said that his and Traci’s torrid romance began even before Ginny, a former fashion publicist, became pregnant with twins last summer, and that Tiki has lavished Johnson with expensive gifts, clothes and dinners.

Tiki Barber was always proud to say he was a “different” black guy, that he didn’t fit into any of those “stereotypes.” One stereotype he is fitting into is the athlete leaving his wife for a younger woman and abandoning his kids.

People get divorced all the time, people have affairs all the time – to me that isn’t a big deal.

But even if you are going through a divorce, to not even have any consideration for your pregnant, soon-to-be ex-wife is low for any man.  Those are his kids that he conceived while carry on an affair with an intern.

I can promise you the same intern will leave Tiki as soon as JR Smith or someone a little more interesting and exciting comes along.

Remember, Tiki: you reap what you sow.