Vid: Kevin Garnett Elbows Quentin Richardson, Paul Pierce Acting, Heat vs. Celtics Brawling – BlackSportsOnline
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Vid: Kevin Garnett Elbows Quentin Richardson, Paul Pierce Acting, Heat vs. Celtics Brawling

In the old days this little scrap between the Celtics and the Heat wouldn’t have amounted to anybody getting thrown out or any possible suspensions.  In 2010, though, there will be some consequences, so let me break down the tape and tell you what I think is going to happen.

Vince Carter, Jr. aka Paul Pierce overreacts again to a pretty mundane hit to his shoulder.  As he’s going into his whole “Oscar-worthy” act by the Heat bench, Kevin Garnett – who has been salty since Kevin Durant had the whole Celtics crying like someone stole their goat (Google Jake Delhomme & his goat for reference) – goes to check on him.

Pierce is a guaranteed a spot on next seasons’ “Basketball Wives,” just imagine how many wheelchairs he would need if he was in a dance-off with Royce Reed.

Quentin Richardson has been in the league long enough to know that Garnett isn’t the player you want to go woofing to, especially while Pierce is auditioning for “Soul Plane 2” on the ground.

The trash talking gets heated and a fracas ensues.  Garnett throws a pretty wicked back elbow that connects on Richardson.  That elbow gets him thrown out of the game. I watched the video a few times and I am not buying KG’s story he didn’t know who he was swinging at. He clearly looks at Richardson before he launches the elbow. Not to mention after he throws the elbow he does a little running Oscar De La Hoya vs. Felix Trinidad style.

In the middle of this, Glen “Big Baby” Davis is running around like he just got Perez Hilton’s autograph.  Just a bunch of foolishness.

Garnett will probably get suspended for a game, but maybe this will wake up the Celtics who have been playing uglier than Rasheed Wallace’s facial hair.

I know I am looking forward to game two.